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Interview with Johan Vinet, creator of platformer LUNARK.

Odtwarzaj wideo

At Nindyki.pl you can read an interview with Johan Vinet, the creator of the film platformer LUNARK. The game, which directly references the Amiga classics Another World and Flashback, will be available on all current consoles and on PC (Steam).

I loved all types of games but had a special interest in the early cinematic platformers like Prince of Persia, Another World and later on Flashback, which I discovered on a friend's Amiga, then finally played on our Sega Mega Drive.

Eric Chahi and Paul Cuisset (and the whole Flashback dev team) too were so influential for me and my career, I hope I'll be able to tell them in person one day.

They're all in the Credits "Special Thanks" of the game of course. I am, and will always be impressed by what they accomplished back then, considering the resources they had. It's inspirational to say the least.

Source: nindyki.pl

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