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Added: 2019-06-08, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Software, Page views: 3451


Crystal USB - a bit of luxury in your home

The package was very impressive. A transparent box with magnetic closure. What's inside? A pendrive, which looks similar to a jewelry. The pendrive has been made from glass and steel. Inside a glass you could find AmiKit logo. It looks luxurious and we know, that this is a top quality item.

Crystal USB

Just after connection pen drive is starting to shine. Nice, green color. Maybe it is just a small feature, but it looks very nice. What's inside? On the first position: the newest version of AmiKit (in three versions: Windows, Linux, Mac) - I had opportunity to test it here (version X) and short overview of XE. AmiKit is already prepared and installed package (based on WinUAE) of AmigaOS and lots of software, games and different addons.

Somebody could tell me, that it is not a good way. User could lost whole fun by getting already prepared product. Maybe yes but what should do a beginner, which had a first contact with the system? Because previously there was no possibility and games (like immortal Superfrog) were enough for him? I could write here also about my example. I lost time and patience during neverending tries of installing old programs on the old system. There are no instructions for the beginners. You could find some good examples and tricks on different forums, but it is extremely hard to collect them into a one piece. Yes, experience users spend their time on different activities and education is not a top priority on this list. By the way - Windows is already pre-configured. Maybe not in the perfect way, but it is.

Crystal USB

Beginners... they should take a look at already prepared solutions like Classic Amiga Workbench or AmiKit. AmiKit is even more - it is exactly result of ALICE project. Project, which had a task to combine together classic AmigaOS with modern systems. Idea, called "Rabbit Hole"; (connection to book of L. Carrol is obvious), was to have a possibility to launch Libre Office or Firefox on AmigaOS. Sounds great? Please, try it by yourself. Yes, I know, AmiKit is a commercial project and the cheaper version costs 30 euro. Please ask yourself - how precious your time is? How much time you could spend, searching on whole internet, to get similar results? And there is no guarantee, that there will be success.

Let's go back to Crystal USB. Besides AmiKit, we have also Flower Pot package (versions for three most popular operating systems). It allows to install and launch AmigaOS 4.1 in version for classic machines with PPC cards. It's a pity, but I don't have a installation CD with this systems. How it will work with AmigaOS 4? I have to postpone these tests.

How about development of AmiKit? Here we have new updates (both WinUAE and also applications, which are still developed), new programs and games. AmiKit team also listens to the voice of customers. In December's overview I mentioned, that there are problems with Polish signs and switching between different resolutions. Now it is just a history.

Please remember, that this is a package just for fun. Why? Because world (and internet, especially) is still going. Example? Half an year ago it was possible to use twittAmiga to put new entries on Twitter (it was extremely hard task, but possible). Currently, after some changes in Twitter algorithm, we don't have such possibility - author of twittAmiga did not released new version. There could be bigger number of such surprises. So, have a fun, but please don't try to catch a modern world using AmigaOS3.

In pendrive you could also find some desktop wallpapers and it is a present for fan. Nice and stylish.

Crystal USB

Crystal USB

And something at the end. Linux, which starts automatically when we choose Crystal UBS as a startup drive. Here I have some doubts. Beginners, who are familiar with semi-automatic installation of AmiKit, could have some problems. There are descriptions, but there are lots of configuration work needed - starting from display settings and finishing on manual loading of ROMs. It is not the way, which shows to us AmiKit together with Amiga Forever. And desktop could be improved, for sure. Linux is the point, which should be improved, for sure, and it is just one comment.

Crystal USB

It's a time for the summary. If you are looking for something exclusive, but practical and with top-quality design, then the Crystal USB is just for you. It costs 90 euro. It's not a cheapest solution, but it should be treated like emulation Rolls-Royce. And AmiKit (together with Amiga Forever) is very good solution for beginner users, which would like to not waste a time for hard configuration.

PS. When I finished this overview, I finally get a AmigaOS 4 copy. So please expect my text here. Quite soon.

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