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AmigaOS - rozwój systemu wysłany: 2011-07-08 13:34

Na forum Hyperionu deweloperzy piszą ciekawe rzeczy na temat rozwoju systemu AmigaOS.

Postaram się cytować co ciekawsze fragmenty:

@tonyw AmigaOS Core Developer
We have a version of Update 3 that is being tested at the moment. There have been more than six versions to test already. It's different from last week's version and there might be a new version next week. It depends on what happens as it is tested. All the betatesters are checking it out on all the different hardware platforms.

If The Boss decides that we don't need to delay any longer and this version is good enough, then he will release this version.

If we discover a new (major) bug in a new component and it looks as though it might take weeks to fix and test, then we might take out the new component and use the previous version. On the other hand, if one of the developers releases an update that makes a big improvement to a component, then the update might be delayed until we test the new component.

Please be patient - we'll all know soon just what is going to be released and to which version. Then, when it's up on the website and you guys can get hold of it, we can go back to testing the system components for Update 4 or Release 4.2 (or whatever it's going to be).

@Thomas Frieden AmigaOS Core Developer
We have a half-finished draft for a new library to help debugging stuff (basically, a debugger in a shared library) that would be possible to integrate into Grim Reaper. Unfortunately, the actual implementation won't start for some time due to workload and time constraints.

@Thomas Frieden AmigaOS Core Developer
There are no plans for a U-Boot update, and no possibility to patch it over.
U-Boot isn't actually Hyperion's responsibility, it would be Eyetech, but they are no longer around.


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Re:AmigaOS - rozwój systemu wysłany: 2011-09-01 14:30

Mam pytanie odnośnie zgłaszania błędów.
Niekiedy system sie zamrozi i nic nie da sie zrobić (zostaje reset) ale często jest to jakieś Guru z niezrozumiałym dla mnie komunikatem (które zamykam i spokój) ale...
Czy ktoś może łopatologicznie opisać jak takie błędy zapisywać, zgłaszać, coś z tym robić?
Wydaje mi się że niekiedy błąd niekoniecznie występuje na wszystkich konfiguracjach, i może być zwyczajnie nie wyłapany przez betatestera, więc byłoby to pożyteczne i dla rozwoju systemu i dla użytkowników.