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Added: 2021-04-07, Author: Mikołaj Małkiewicz , Category: Hardware, Page views: 1379



Today I will show you a tiny board, which is memory extension, extension slot and real clock timer. Anyway, let me focus on the first function.


I received this extension in a cardboard box. What we have inside? Two boards - the first is A604n, the second board is a riser.


To connect A604n you have to just put it into a extension board, under Amiga's case. To mount a riser you have to open a whole case (including a keyboard).

Let's start

Workbench showed me 2 MB of chip memory, so it works fine.


In a real life

A600's system is a very stable. There is no problems with Gotek and all my games still runs ok. There is more options during working with Deluxe Paint. Some games use additional memory to play additional sound effects. like for example "The Settlers".

Some games and programs still do not work properly with system 2.0. Now we have a solution to make them work properly. We have more memory, so how about loading an old 1.3 system into memory (using ReloKick)? There is only one game, which didn't work with such settings - desert Strike. Lotus I and Celica GT Rally - - they are ok with this option.


This extension works just fine. I recommend A604n.


Technical details

Extension A604n includes:

  • 1 MB of additional Chip memory,
  • real clock port,
  • extension slot for Indivision ECS.

You could purchase this extension on RetroAmi. Cost: 145 zł.

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