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Added: 2018-11-29 20:38, Author: st, Category: Software


AmiCygnix 1.4

AmiCygnix 1.4

AmiCygnix is a Unix environment for AmigaOS 4. It is not a kind of emulation - all programs are full native. AmiCygnix offers only some things like the typical Unix path tree and a Unix like data structure.

Programs use libraries X-Server and X11. Some necessary tool-kits GUI have been moved from Unix system.

In new version, number 1.4, we will find:

  • fixed graphic drivers, which allow to use new Radeon HD cards,
  • driver "picasso96clonewbdb" has been fixed. It stopped to work just after Update 1 release, but currently it works using 32 bit screens (in fact data processing still uses 16 bits),
  • print command "lpr" could use now Amiga drivers package TurboPrint,
  • SSL by OpenSSL and GnuTLS has been updated, as well as certificates,
  • in package of programs, attached to AmiCygnix, you will find for example NetSurf web browser with OpenSSl 1.01o and current version of pic browser GPicView.

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