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New owner of Amiga talks about the future

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As you already know, Cloanto bought all Amiga trademarks and copyrights from company Amiga Inc. And now chief of Italian company, Mike Battilana, decided to tell us a few words about his plans. A short interview you could find in 24-th issue of vlog "10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast". Here you could find part of this interview:

If possible, will there be an official way forward with the new AmigaOS 3.1.4?

Mike: There must be one, don't you think so? But it also may require some patience, for the court case to be resolved. Its now emerging that some developers may have "over-committed" themselves, and are now entangled in contracts they didn't even intend to be bound by and/or that were incompatible with other prior work done for the Amiga companies. That's another matter which will need to be resolved.

Does the new Amiga intend on continuing support and development of AmigaOS 4.1?

Mike: Not only that, but we feel that it is important that OS4 remains available at fair terms to a diversity of hardware suppliers. (This is in response to concerns being raised after the OS kernel was acquired by Trevor/A-EON). The new Amiga entity wants both 3.x and 4.x to move forward The new Amiga entity wants both Classic and New Generation hardware to move forward. One of the first step of the new entity will be to make original hardware schematics and related code open source.

Does the new Amiga company intend on simply licensing the name or actually developing products yourselves?

Mike: I am a software developer. We are software dewelopers. Software work allowed us to make this acqusition (and may I stress, bot a cent of Amiga Forever or similar revenues was spent in the acquisition or in lawsuits, etc.: that is all invested back in Amiga Forever development...)

How would new hardware like the standalone Vampire 4 fit in? Can you license the ROMs and software to them and let handle without too many issues?

Mike: That id something that Cloanto already could have done. We were actually in talks about that. Apparently, it felt appealing to others too. :)

Mike also said that there will be some annoucements quite soon, as in days. Website amiga.com is under his control, so we should see something new there soon.

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