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Added: 2019-06-21 10:53, Author: redakcja, Category: Journalism


The first half of 2019 - is it agony?

We have a kind of tradition to write a summary of the whole year in Amiga world. But how about summary of the first half of 2019? What has happened important during last six months in our environment? There is simple answer: nothing or nearly nothing. We could count all points on the fingers of one hand.

So... we have several demoscene productions and games for classic Amiga. What's more? Refreshed Shogo game and VIM editor for OS4. And of course update of AmigaKit package (Ján Zahurančík does not give up). As usual - neverending story in American courts. Probably there will be the fight even after the death of the last of Amiga fan.

What is your opinion? It seems to us, that it is the worst period in our hobby time...

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