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Enhancer Software 1.5

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30.6.2019. A-EON Technology Ltd released (free for existing users) package of additional software for AmigaOS 4 - Enhancer Software 1.5. It is 6-th version, which could be downloaded using Updater tool. All three options were updated: Plus, Standard and Special Edition.

There a lots of changes in Warp3D Nova and OpenGLES 2 libraries - also for developers responsible for porting of games using GL4ES wrapper. the second important part of this update was program MultiViewer, which uses Warp3D library for rendering and displaying of 2D pictures. It means, that old Picasso96 is no more used by MultiViewer for rendering 2D pictures and all range of memory on graphic card could be used by MultiViewer.

List of all updated components of ES package:

command SystemReboot, driver HDAudio (new), datatype Logfile, gadgets ReAction (InfoData, Listviewer, Progressbar and Tickbox), SSH2-Handler, libraries (Zip, OGLES2, Warp3D Nova iand Warp3D Nowa SI), programs Format and Updater and also Clock, MultiEdit, MultiViewer i X-Dock

A-EON: This package is a result of hard work of small, but great team, which made a really good work. A-EON would like to tanks to all devs, beta testers and translators for their valuable work.

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