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Added: 2019-07-11 19:30, Author: mp, Category: Software


TAWS 0.31

A few months ago we presented here, on amiganews.axec.pl, review of TAWS project. New version 0.31 has been released. Here you could find list of changes (comparing to v0.30):

TAWS - OS 3.1.4

  • Tribute to OS 3.1.4:
    • new preset "OS 3.1.4"
    • new iconset "3.1.4"
    • new pattern "AmigaOS 3.1.4"
    • Workbench functionality like OS 3.5, f.e. keyboard control, live moving of window content using the scrollbars, closing all windows by clicking the close gadget while holding the right Amiga key (right Alt key in TAWS), etc.
    • simulation of 3.1.4 specific details , f.e. although windows can be moved out of the screen, their width cannot be larger than the screen width.
    • new kickstart image when cancelling the "TAWS Early Preset Selection"
    • adjusted "Amiga Early Startup Control"
    • adjusted "Boot With No Startup-Sequence"
    Many thanks to Hyperion Entertainment for continuing to develop the AmigaOS classic line. Link to their product webpage: AmigaOS 3.1.4
  • Complete swedish localization - many thanks to Kenneth Hansson
  • MultiView: support for playling the following music module formats .mod (Sound-/Protracker), .xm (FastTracker II) and .s3m (ScreamTracker 3) thanks to the newly integrated JavaScript MOD player.
    Many many thanks to Jani Halme for his brilliant webaudio player: https://mod.haxor.fi
    It's even possible to play your local files, either by starting "MultiView" and selecting a file or by drag'n'dropping a file in an already opened MultiView window.
  • MultiView: support for displaying TIFF files in the following browser that support this natively: Internet Explorer, MS Edge and Safari. Where available, an according icon has been added to the iconsets and there's a new test image located at "Test Suite:Image-Test/Marbles.tif".
  • When decreasing the browser's window size it's now ensured that windows on the bottom and on the right side stay visible. They are now moved in a way that their title bars are visible in any case.
  • Amiga Early Startup Control: simulation of the flickering when changing from PAL to NTSC and vice versa incl. divergent version for OS 3.1.4 and 3.9.
  • Reworked the kickstart screen to be pixel exact.
  • MagicMenuPrefs: added "Settings / Slider Color Model / RGB/FSH" in the menu.
  • Bugfixes:
    • "Clean up" of a window now works correctly, even if its content has been scrolled to the left or the top using the arrow gadgets.
    • Fixed rounding differences when calculating the size of the scrollbar knobs. These showed when using the arrow gadgets to scroll.
    • OS version <= 3.1: show message in screenbar if trying to rename a left out icon.
    • OS version > 3.1: deactive menuitem "Rename" for left out icons.
    • Fixed the shortcuts in the windows "Parse AmigaGuide" and "Set alarm" (bug since v0.30).
    • Palette: fixed the shortcuts for "Red", "Green" and "Blue" after switching the color model from "HSB" and back to "RGB" (bug since v0.30).
    • Palette: the color wheel is again anchored to the top (bug since v0.30).
    • Prefs windows: on labels and button texts the browser's default pointer was shown instead of the Amiga pointer (bug since v0.30).
    • MultiView: fixed minimal window size according to the current wndow layout.
    • MultiView: loading a local file by running MultiView or using the its menuitem "Open" works again (bug since v0.30).
    • MultiView: loading of files having an apostrophe in their filename works now.
    • Parse Amiga Guide: button "Load local file..." works again (bug since v0.30).
    • Miscellanious fixes in the translations of menuitems and deviations for OS 4.x.

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