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Added: 2019-10-22 21:06, Posted by: st, Category: AmigaOS


A-EON announces "Exec SG" (AmigaOS 4 kernel) overtaking

It was a gossip, but right now A-EON officially announces purchase of "Exec SG" used in AmigaOS 4on blog of Amiwest 2019 , which will take a place in October 2019 in Sacramento (USA), instead a standard press message.

The Exec SG kernal is under development! Now the exclusive property of A-EON Technologies Ltd., the Exec SG kernal is being extended and tested by a team of well-qualified developers. Led by Exec SG Team Lead Steven Solie, the new kernal adds support for many features AmigaOS doesn't have. Among these are mutli-core support, GART implementation, faster speed, 64-bit support, and extending the RAM limit beyond 2 GB to 4 GB and beyond.

On Amiwest side correction has been made: "the Exec SG kernal is actually the personal property of Trevor Dickinson, co-founder of A-EON Technologies Ltd.."

Author: Rafał Gdaniec

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