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eXec 20 years

eXec 20 years

A long, long time ago... Internet became available for common people and these days the first Polish Amiga news portal - Exec.pl has appeared.

27-th of March 2000 - this day amiga.pl service has launched and it had to be an electronic part of new "eXec" paper magazine. We released just few issues of magazine, but the website works. Yes, 20 years!

In the meantime: we wrote more than 8000 news and over 200 articles, the layout has been changed as well as eXec's staff. Nowadays eXec is the oldest (and we had no breakdowns in this tie, except some technical issues) Amiga service in Poland. More than year ago we launched English version of our service and hope, that it will be growing. I hope, that it will remain, until our generation is still alive.

Many thanks for being here!

Szymon Żyła (aka "SZAMAN")

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