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Added: 2020-03-29 22:34, Author: st, Category: Software


Ignition 1.01

Ignition 1.01

21-th of March - this day Ignition has been released in version 1.0 on OS4Depot. Ignition is a spreadsheet prepared for AmigaOS 4 and right now we have an stable version. Achim Pankalla (author) did it after one year of development and number of beta versions and long bug fixing process. In version 1.0 you cold find such features:

  • New Math., DB und String-functions
  • Correct and new ARexx-Commands
  • Corrections in the preference dialog
  • reworks of all dialog-window, to better fit translations
  • Many big and little problems are solved
  • Optimized manual in German and English
  • Enhanced and corrected csv-modul
  • New "look & feel" with new positions of the tool/icon-bar's and new graphics
  • ignitionOS4
  • ignitionOS41
  • ignitionOS42
  • ignitionOS43
  • ignitionOS44
  • ignitionOS45

This program is free. AmigaOS 4.1 is required and we install it using standard system installer. We could download also plugin to handle ODS (Open/Libre Office Calc) files.

Ignition 1.01

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