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Added: 2023-05-07 08:39, Author: st, Category: Software


clib2 v1.0.0 beta 9 and POSIX

Andrea "afxgroup" Palmate is working on a clib2 library for AmigaOS 4. This fork of the official clib2/adtools should add all the missing clib2 features. They are difficult to add under AmigaOS 3.x where the ixemul library is used (the most complete POSIX compliant library we have). The current beta version 9 of clib2 is still a pre-release. It adds POSIX aio* functions with minor restrictions and fixes shared object libraries (requires new elf.library).

The Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) is a family of standards specified by the IEEE Computer Society for maintaining compatibility between operating systems.

POSIX defines both the system and user-level application programming interfaces (APIs), along with command line shells and utility interfaces, for software compatibility (portability) with variants of Unix and other operating systems. POSIX is also a trademark of the IEEE. POSIX is intended to be used by both application and system developers.

Source: github.com, pl.wikipedia.org
clib2 v1.0.0 beta 9 (OS4)

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