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Task Force - an important lesson from the past

Task Force - an important lesson from the past

Task Force is a turn-based team shooter created by Mark Sheeky and released as "shareware" in the early 1990s. Here you will find a detailed description of how this game was designed. The game was developed in 68k assembly language with 4549 lines of code. Mark included 160 kB of graphics, 100 kB of samples, and two pieces of music, which he produced himself.

Task Force was the author's tenth game for the Amiga since 1991. The game code includes procedures adapted from previous games, allowing Mark to create new games quickly.

The summary of the game's history reads:

I would estimate that most independent developers nowadays never even finish their first game, and most who manage it are disheartened by their lack of success and give up before publishing a second game.

Yet here is a company that showed it is possible for one dedicated, self-taught coder to make a video game in under a year, if you set a realistic scope; and even if it is poorly reviewed or does not make money, you can try again and again.

Source: github.io, lemonamiga.com, amiga-news.de

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