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Added: 2024-02-06 09:20, Author: st, Category: Software


RedPill 0.9.34

RedPill is a project by Carlos Peris at Amiblitz that allows you to create games of various genres. RedPill is compatible with AGA and ECS, but "player" requires a total of 1.5 MB of RAM. The current version 0.9.34 of the project introduces changes that can be found in the extension of this news.

  • Added condition triggers Cam PosX and Cam Pos Y to check the camera position.
  • Internal function that finds out color closest to other has been changed.
  • OCS copper gradients may be faster now.
  • Added condition trigger Contains Tile Tag.
  • Copper values in screen setup are now really only the default ones.
  • Anim Frame trigger renamed to just frame, as it is not taking into account the animation.
  • If you are using the condition Frame is, in the trigger screen this frame will be displayed.
  • Fixes in automatic remap when loading a spritesheet image.
  • Further optimizations in trigger processing.
  • Small verticall scrolling improvement.
  • Optimizations when coming back from playing the game to the editor.
  • Fix for sometimes wrong palette being displayed when going from spritesheet screen to main screen.
  • Fix in audio object default value when upgrading a project from an old version.
  • Fix in Overrite Color/gradient triggers not updating the palette.
  • Fix in audio listener objects introduced in the previous version.
  • Fix in Tile On Map/Screen/Border triggers, under certain conditions could execute unwanted triggers.
  • Fix in Camera follow code.
  • Fix when attaching non static objects to static objects.
  • Fix for level deletion and others when coming back from playing the game to the editor.
  • Some unused code has been removed.
Source: aminet.net
RedPill 0.9.34

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