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Added: 2020-04-20, Author: Mikołaj Małkiewicz, Category: Hardware, Page views: 2188


Test: QuickShot QS 131 and Konix Speedking

QuickShot QS 131

QuickShot QS 131

Joystick is an valuable for every Amiga and we have to care about it. But question is: what does it mean, that joystick is ok for the player?

A box? A standard one - grey and without any magic. But fully time-resistant.

Joystick is pretty nice. Simple, without any strange add-ons like Matt's Skorpion. A simple design with just one fire button. You have to just familiar with this solution. A length of cable is just OK - not too short and not too long.

How about action time?

Very good. I was able to finish Crazy Cars III. I spent also many time on Fire and Ice - without any problems. The biggest surprise - F29 Retaliator. QS 131 was a first joystick, which to gave me a full control over the game.

Is it a good joystick?

Yes, for sure. It has a solid construction, nice buttons and a proper profile. One negative point - it has no auto-fire option, which is a standard for a number of players. Final score: 8/10.

Konix Speedking

Hmmm... what is this? This was my first reaction when I saw this joystick.

Konix Speedking

I have no box, but google shows it as a standard one.

This joystick looks completely different comparing to standard models. It is a one block with fire button.

I was confused on the beginning, but I launch my Amiga and next made number of tests with different games and... this joystick was working great! Even during sessions with Alien Breed and lack of auto-fire!

It shows us to not judge just on the first sight. I was expecting a crap, but I received a very nice tool.

The biggest shock - this joystick has been made in... 1986. And it still works! As you know, such equipment could be broken after a few hours of fun.

Please purchase this joystick if you could. It is worthy.

Photos from computinghistory.org.uk and commodore-info.com

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