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Review of AmiKit X 10.5.2

Review of AmiKit X 10.5.2

When someone, who has never heard about Amiga before, asks me why I would want to turn current modern computer into something retro and old fashioned, my short answer is: "Simply because I love Amiga!"

The longer answer, which I like and use often, involves Mustang. Not a horse. The car Ford Mustang from the 60's. It was a piece of art and if you ever had one (not me), you were a happy man, now with many beautiful memories. If you want to feel it again now, you can buy an old Mustang, providing you find one, or you can buy a new, quite ordinary car and use a magic stick to make it look and behave like your old love - AmiKit author Ján Zahurančík.

In December this year, version 10.5.2 appeared - a list of changes can be found here. Marcin Pianka prepared AmiKit X review.

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