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Why eXec?

As you know, one of basic functionalities operating system AmigaOS are shared dynamic libraries. Just to remind - library is collection of procedures (code), which (if it is needed) is loaded into memory (dynamic library); sharing means, that any number of programs could use one library within the same time. Lots of libraries is well known to every intermediate user of Amiga, like intuition.library, graphics.library czy asl.library. But there is one library, which name is not so popular like others, but it allows to run the whole system. It manages of allocation of memory, processes, communication between them, access to critical resources, etc. It is basic, foundation and the rest of the system will be not able to run without it. Even more - most of the programs begin to looking for this libberry address just after starting up. This address is unique and located nearly beginning of the memory. Address of this library is $4 and it is exec.library.


Szymon Żyła
Szymon "SZAMAN" Żyła [st]
News, articles, galleries, video, social media, administration and website code, specialization: NG, AmigaOS 4.x, journalism

Mikołaj Małkiewicz
Mikołaj "Moskic" Małkiewicz [mm]
Articles and news, specialization: reviews of Amiga games

Czesław Mnich
Czesław "Leon" Mnich [cm]
Articles, galleries and news, specialization: reviews of Amiga games, Backbone, equipment for the Amiga classic

Marcin Pianka
Marcin "Piana" Pianka [mp]
English translations, articles and news, specialization: Amiga emulation (mainly on Raspberry Pi, but not only)


Magazine eXec.pl is not a commercial project. Profits from advertises cover just small part of our costs. Editors and developers work as volounteers. We would like to be part of Amiga community in Poland for next years. If you would like to start to cooperate with us, then please write email or just join our chat on Skype. We are open to your ideas and your help. Many thanks in advance.

Special thanks to:

  • Konrad Bielski - eXec publisher and owner,
  • Grzegorz Juraszek - news, editor-in-chief of the paper edition,
  • Tomisław Kityński - author of the website code until 2005,
  • Stanisław Węsławski - logo and colors of the first graphic design,
  • Grzegorz Kraszewski - news,
  • Rafał Chyła - author of numerous articles, including about AmigaOS and Amiga One, he has prepared a free PDF eXec number,
  • Konrad Rojek - author of articles and translations,
  • Piotr Zadora - author of articles and translations,
  • Janusz Tomczak - help with graphic binding.

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eXec is independent computer magazine, we are not connected with any kind of hardware or software company (Polish or abroad). We are not sending back non-ordered materials. We have right to edit texts, which were sent to us. We are not responsible for form and content of advertisement. We have right to refuse texts or advertisements, which content is discrepant with ideas of this portal.
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