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New AmiKit XE 11.5+ Recommended

Marcin "Piana" Pianka wrote a review about the new version of the AmiKit XE package - designed for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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Added: 2022-02-11, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Emulation

Pros and cons: Amiga 500

To buy or not to buy Amiga 500? Please take a look at this text. Author: Mikołaj Małkiewicz.

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Added: 2021-04-10, Author: Mikołaj Małkiewicz, Category: Hardware


Short description of memory expansion for the Amiga 600.

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Added: 2021-04-07, Author: Mikołaj Małkiewicz , Category: Hardware

AmiKit XE for Raspberry Pi 4/400

Marcin "Piana" Pianka wrote a review (with lots of screenshots) about the new version of the AmiKit XE package - version designed for Raspberry Pi computers (4B/400 models).

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Added: 2021-04-06, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Emulation

Test: QuickShot QS 131 and Konix Speedking

Mikołaj Małkiewicz has prepared a short test of two different joysticks - a classic QuickShot and an unique (in Poland) Konix Speedking (1986).

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Added: 2020-04-20, Author: Mikołaj Małkiewicz, Category: Hardware

Questions for Mathew Leaman

In April 2019, just after interview with Trevor Dickinson, we prepared a set of questions to Mathew Leaman (he agreed on the interview) - chief of AmigaKit. It's a pity, that we didn't receive any response (even after few reminders). So we decided to publish list of these questions, because they could be obsolete soon.

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Added: 2019-10-25, Author: editors, Category: Journalism

Flower Pot

Marcin "Piana" Pianka described the "Flower Pot" solution, which, delivered on the occasion of the AmiKit package, allows the installation of AmigaOS 4.1 in the "Classic" version under WinUAE emulation as painlessly.

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Added: 2019-07-08, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Emulation

Crystal USB - a bit of luxury in your home

Here you could find overview of luxurious pendrive for emulation fans.

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Added: 2019-06-08, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Software

Amiga present and future: interview with Trevor Dickinson Recommended

Interview with Trevor Dickinson (A-Eon Technology).

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Added: 2019-04-18, Author: redakcja, Category: Journalism


Description of the adventure game Myst, which was released on the Amiga in 1997.

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Added: 2019-02-13, Author: Czesław Mnich, Category: Games

Year 2018 in positive way

The summary of Amiga year 2018 in a "positive" way. Szymon Żyła wrote about 8 most important positive things, which have happened during 2018.

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Added: 2018-12-26, Author: Szymon Żyła, Category: Journalism

AmiKit X Recommended

Thanks to Jan Zahurancik, eXec.pl received AmiKit package to be tested. Without any delays, I started a test session, and here you have the results.

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Added: 2018-12-24, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Software

2018 - Editorial's Duet: Year Of The Nothing

Editorial of eXec.pl portal decided to publish duet of opinions. Instead one, averaged opinion about year 2018, you will receive two separate comment written from different points of view. On the beginning disadvantages - Marcin "Piana" Pianka and "Year of the nothing". The next one will be positive article by Szymon "Szaman" Żyła.

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Added: 2018-12-19, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Journalism

TAWS - journey from AmigaOS 1.0 to 4.1 FE

Text describes web page, where you can take a look how works (or have been working) Workbench under different versions of AmigaOS. Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka.

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Added: 2018-12-06, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Software

Friend OS - first overview

Marcin "Piana" Pianka described his first contact with Friend OS, which has Amiga roots (unofficially, of course) I bear in mind, that this is long-term project and there are plans for next several years, but we received public version, so Norwegian company wants to show us something.

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Added: 2018-12-05, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Software

The history of Samantha

The history of Samantha (SAM440ep) board.

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Added: 2006-11-07, Author: Andrea Maniero, Category: Hardware

AmigaOS 4.0 - the fourth pre-release update

Review of the fourth update of the AmigaOS 4.0 operating system.

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Added: 2006-03-06, Author: Szymon Tomzik, Rafał Chyła, Konrad Bielski, Category: AmigaOS

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