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Universe #4
Universe #4

During French party Alchimie treize (Alchimie XIII - 1.11.2019) we could see a new production on AmigaOne - demo Universe #4 made by Crisot. As usual, author spent only 24 hours (including music) to create the demo. You could see this demo as video attached to this news (as well as "live" relation from the party.

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trevor New entry on Trevor's blog Comments »

Trevor Dickinson (A-Eon, ExecSG) has published a new entry on his block. Title: Only the shadow knows!

AmiKit XE port for Vampire Standalone

Amikit team has published (4.11.2019) on his Facebook profile information about work in progress on AmiKit XE port for Vampire Standalone. The main advantage of such solution is possibility to launch AmiKit package without hosting on any external system.

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Author: Slepaq

amiwigilia AMIread - a new disk mag Comments »

Radzik works on his new project AMIread. It will be disk magazine - application made using Hollywood. Preview version you could download from Aminet.

Summary of Mike Battilana's speech at Amiga34

Amiga-news service has published summary of Mike Battilana's speech at Amiga34. He would like to collect the whole Commodore heritage to establish a reunited company "Commodore-Amiga", which could release the source codes of software developed by Commodore. He confirmed, that domain amiga.com has been purchased by him. Mike thinks, that AmigaOS 3.1.4 should be available for free, due the developers also have not get any money for this work.

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fpga M5 mainboard Comments »

The M5 mainboard is a next implementation of classic Amiga 68000 CPU with OCS/ECS chipset using FPGA (chip: Spartan3 - XC3S400). This version is prepared using Mini ITX standard.

android Amiga Forever Essentials 1.07 and Comments »

Amiga packages with ROMs from Cloanto have been updated for Android (price about 2 euro) as well as for Chrome browser (1,5 euro).

Questions to Mathew Leaman

In April 2019, just after interview with Trevor Dickinson, we prepared a set of questions to Mathew Leaman (he agreed on the interview) - chief of AmigaKit. It's a pity, that we didn't receive any response (even after few reminders). So we decided to publish list of these questions, because they could be obsolete soon.

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gcc 68k campaign for GCC 11 Comments »

There is a camapign to collect money for GCC compiler's authors to include 68k classic architecture in the newest version.

zrecznosciowe RESHOOT R Classic Disk Edition Comments »

RESHOOT R Classic Disk Edition is a disc version (2 floppies) of the game prepared for people without CD-ROM drive in their Amiga 1200/4000.

amiga1200 Mechanic keyboard campaign Comments »

On Kickstarter there is a campaign to produce mechanic keys for A500/1200. They will use existing holes on the metal plate of your Amiga, so no drilling is required.

FreedroidRPG 1.0rc2

FreeDroidRPG (version 1.0rc2 in OS4Depot) is a cRPG/hack and slash computer game made by Freedroid Dev Team. The game action is located on Earth, where robots control is taken by robots using operating system made by MegaSys. This corporation is responsible for the war, which has happen when robots started to refuse people's control.

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Amiga 3000T
Amiga 3000T

Amiga 3000T has been produced between 1991 and 1992 by Commodore. Computer has 68030/25 MHz processor + FPU (there was also 040/25 MHz version), ECS chipset, 5 MB RAM (1 MB Chip) and AmigaOS 2.0 system.

In a tower there could be located:

  • 1 drive 5.25 inches installed upright
  • 2 drives 5.25 inches installed horizontally
  • 2 drives 3.5 inches installed horizontally

Price could be (depending on configuration) up to 5000 dollars. Please take a look at Leon's tower:

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windows ADF-Copy App 1.012 Comments »

ADF-Copy is the program for Windows to copy content of floppy disks to do ADF files using ADF-Drive/USB interface. New version has number 1.012.

redpill RedPill 0.7.4 Comments »

RedPill, program for creation of games for classic Amiga has been released in version 0.7.4.

amiga_future Amiga Future 141 Comments »

You could take a look at the content and purchase new number (November/December) of Amiga Future magazine. Price: 7 or 9,90 euro + shipping.

amigaforever Amiga Forever 8 Value Edition Comments »

In web shop Heise you could download for free (just after registration) "Amiga Forever 8" emulation package in special "Value Edition".

Amibian 1.5 Extended version - beta

New version of emulation package Amibian in 1.5 Extended Version has reached beta status. It is a special version for Raspberry Pi 4B. Instead known way of working you could find there also special Linux edition (based on Raspbian).

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Amiga34 summary: AMIcast 27 - Adam Zalepa and "Echo"
Amiga34 summary: AMIcast 27 - Adam Zalepa and

In newest issue of English podcast "AMIcast" Radzik is speaking with Adam Zalepa, who was visiting (as exhibitor) Amiga34 part in Neuss. More info about event you could read here: amiga.org.pl (Adam Mierzwa's summary) Amiga 34 in Neuss.

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MorphOS for x86-64 computers?

MorphOS, one of NG systems with Amiga roots, during Amiga34 party has been presented on Ryzen 5 3600 processor. Of course it is pre-alpha version, if cat proof of concept. You can ream more about this port here (words of author,Bigfoot, on MorphZone forum.

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Author: Slepaq

A-EON announces "Exec SG" (AmigaOS 4 kernel) overtaking

It was a gossip, but right now A-EON officially announces purchase of "Exec SG" used in AmigaOS 4on blog of Amiwest 2019 , which will take a place in October 2019 in Sacramento (USA), instead a standard press message.

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Author: Rafał Gdaniec

WARP turbo cards with processor MC68060 for Amiga 500 and 1200
WARP turbo cards with processor MC68060 for Amiga 500 and 1200

During Amiga 34 event in Neuss (12-13.10.2019) new turbo cards WARP with processor MC68060 for Amiga 500 - WARP 560 and Amiga 1200 - WARP 1260 have been presented. Card are produced by Polish company "CS Lab". They are the fastest turbo cards for classic Amiga available for purchase.


  • processor MC68060 (rev 6 up to 100MHz),
  • memory 256 MB DDR3 800MHz RAM (16 MB assigned to graphic RTG / 240 MB for AmigaOS),
  • 64kB cache for processor,
  • integrated graphic RTG, resolution up to 1920x1080@32bit, digital intefrace,
  • Flicker-Fixer connector,

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Author: Nicos

Vampire V4 Standalone - details and price
Vampire V4 Standalone - details and price

During Amiga34, all people visiting party could purchase Vampire V4 Standalone computer in a very special set: Vampire V4 standalone with AROS Kickstart, aluminum case, power supply, mouse and keyboard, CF adapter and oraz USB Blaster.

Price of such set: 549 euro. Here we have progress on software for Standalone version:

  • Ethernet: work is in progress, driver is being written.
  • USB: support for some input devices like USB mice and keyboards.
  • Joystick : Status support of AMIGA Joy
  • OCS/AGA: Many games and demos work perfectly, but not 100%.
  • Boot drives: boot from IDE/CF, microSD card for data exchange. Bootable microSD is in roadmap.

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Special edition of Amiga User magazine for Amiga34 in Neuss

Adam Zalepa and his publishing house prepared a special number of Amiga User magazine! It is bilingual edition - English and German, which will be available during Amiga34 party in Neuss. What's inside? Unpublished articles about using Amiga basic software and tweaking of operating system.

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Author: Adam Zalepa

RetroSfera Vol.3

16-17.11.2019 - during these days a retro party RetroSfera will take place in Brzeg (ul. Ofiar Katynia 25). It is a third edition of this party. What you will find there? Retro computers, retro consoles and retro games. And of course competitions: for example Street Fighter II and Quake 3 Arena. Free entrance. More info you will find on Facebook.

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The latest production by CrapTeam

There are new productions of Crapteam available. Crapium - the 1st place in Amiga Demo Compo at Xenium plus distinction - the best way of using dino inside, CrapTro6 - 2nd place at AmiParty XXV and Cycle Demo - 2nd place at Decrunch 2049.

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Author: Mandi

Amiga in the cars

We would like to show you two video presentations, where you could see how Polish Amiga users connect Amiga CD32 to their cars - Citroen C8 and Toyota Prius.

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Author: Aniela

IBM makes Power PC architecture open

It's a pity, that it has happened in 2019, not ten years ago. Just after taking control over Red Hat, IBM made the next step and 20.8.2019 released architecture of Power processors. More info you could find in service The Next Platform and on OpenPOWER foundation webpage .

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Author: Rafał Gdaniec

ACube Systems announces partnership with C-Media

Italian company ACube Systems, known as producer of SAM motherboards works with AmigaOS 4, announced cooperation with C-Media - the worldwide leader of audio chips for desktops, laptops and mobiles. They would like to thanks to Power Progress Community (Notebook PowerPC) for making a progress in their projects.

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Powstaje serwer ZitaFTP

Hans de Ruiter works on FTP server application for AmigaOS 4, which should be fast, safe and able to provide several connections in the same time. Program is named ZitaFTP and you could see how it works on this video.

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Komoda & Amiga + #13

New issue of "Komoda&Amiga+" magazine has been released. It is designed for fans of Commodore computers. What's inside? Reviews, interviews, manuals....Lots of great texts, as usual. The magazine you could purchased (8 euro) here. For the first time Cover CD with lots of materials for Amiga users is also available with magazine. CD costs 5 euro and is available for purchase here.

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Return of X5000 blog

After a while of absent, blog of Amiga One X5000 user - Michael Hayler is back. Small reminder - you will find there review of newest software for AmigaOS 4 and number of tests of emulators. Michael uses on X5000 also alternative system MorphOS.

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glSnoop 0.2

In GitHub there is developing experiment tool glSnoop, which is used for monitoring of applications using new 3D libraries in Amiga world - OpenGL ES 2.0 and Warp3D Nova.

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Blastaway is coming

Author of BOH - Simone Bevilacqua works on a new game. Blastaway will be a shooter inspired by Wizard of Wor and Chaos Engine. Please take a look at the film. Here you could download first compilation for AmigaOS4.

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Apollo Core GOLD 2.12 Release Candidate

A new version of firmware for FPGA Vampire card for classic Amiga will be released soon. We could test version RC (compliled 20.7.2019), where you will find 15/16bits RTG modes (R5G5B5PC, B8G8R8A8), mouse improvements, new minimal boot pic with melody and faster 32bit write for the IDE. More info you could find on apollo-core.com.

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AmiKit for Raspberry Pi?

AmiKit team has added photo (on his Facebook profile), which shows rebuild menu of AmiKit XE. It will be not so interested, but there was comment about changes prepared especially for Raspberry Pi version. There were no details about necessary requirements. The original info you could find here.

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Author: Adam Zieliński

Golden Gate 386/486

The Golden Gate card made by German company Vortex in 1992. It is a hardware emulator of PC 386 or 486 computer (386SX 25 MHz, 486SLC 25 MHz or 486SLC2 50 MHz to be more strict) for Amiga with Zorro II slots. In our gallery you could find pictures of this set.

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Amiga 1200+

On the page of Belgian Amiga Club you could find a project (yes, there are pictures) re-implementation of Amiga 1200 board called "Amiga 1200+". The board could be putted into standard case. Just to remind - memory and video have been moved into separate modules. Author of the project is Jeroen Vandezande. This project is based on Open Source rules and you could find it in BitBucket repository.

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Notebook PPC - schematic in alpha version

People work on Open Hardware PowerPC Notebook has published on GitHub schematic in alpha version. Licence "Cern OHL" has been chosen ,because it is specific for open hardware and it covers aspects regarding hardware production.

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Interview with Mark Ritter

Amiga On The Lake has published on the blog interview with Mark Ritter - author of Workbench Explorer and InfoData.gadget from Enhancer software: What is killing me now is the lack of development from Hyperion. I submitted a bug report for the listbrowser.gadget class over two years ago. It was fixed right away. But it still has not been released to the public.

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AmiWest 2019

Current, 22th, edition of AmiWest in Sacramento (California, USA) will be held 23-27th of October on hotel Holiday Inn Express. Exhibitors: A-EON Technology, AmigaKit and Amiga On The Lake (AOTL). Thanks to AOTL support dev conference will be free of charge. It will be handled by Steven Solie (Exec SG Team Lead). All necessary info (booking also) is available here.

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NetSurf 3.9 - ReAction version

Chris Young has compiled version 3.9 of NetSurf browser for AmigaOS 4 and AmigaOS 3.5+ (beta version is available). Changes: better handling of Media Queries within CSS (so there could be different layout of webpage depending on resolution) and also JavaScript engine improvements.

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Interview with Joe Decuir

The channel "The Guru Meditation" released interview with Joe Decuir about the beginning of Amiga. Joe Decuir, during VCF East 2019, discussed about first years of Amiga/Hi-Toro, his role during design phase, relationship with Jay Miner, switching from 8bit Atari 8-bit to Amiga and some law issues with Jack Tramiel.

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Author: Rafał Gdaniec

Apollo Team on Gamescom 2019

Apollo Team, works on Vampire cards for classic Amiga and also Vampire Standalone, announced his participation on Gamescom 2019 - one of the biggest game games exhibitions in Germany. You could find them between 21 and 24th of August in hall 10.

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TAWS 0.31

A few months ago we presented here, on amiganews.axec.pl, review of TAWS project. New version 0.31 has been released. Here you could find list of changes (comparing to v0.30):

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Shogo: Mobile Armored Devision 1.9

The Hyperion company (Frank Menzel, to be more precise) updated game Shogo: Mobile Armored Devision to version 1.9 - now you could make print screens during the game (F8), start GUI could be in local language (currently we have German and Italian), screensaver is deactivated and intro is available in better quality. Update could be downloaded from a section Downloads on Hyperion's web site.

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FooBillard++ 3.42 and update of other 3D games
FooBillard++ 3.42 and update of other 3D games

FooBillard is a free computer billiard game (GPL licence) runs on different opertaing systems based on OpenGL library.

A player could play in different billiard games with computer (several levels) or another player or by network. there is also training mode available.

Realistic game, well programmed artificial intelligence and a proper graphic - so we could call this game a simulator.

kas1e, using gl4es wrapper and OGLES2 library as well as Warp3D Nova, made compilation for AmigaOS 4 last stable version of this game.

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Enhancer Software 1.5
Enhancer Software 1.5

30.6.2019. A-EON Technology Ltd released (free for existing users) package of additional software for AmigaOS 4 - Enhancer Software 1.5. It is 6-th version, which could be downloaded using Updater tool. All three options were updated: Plus, Standard and Special Edition.

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Hyperion Entertainment CVBA released a free update OS 3.1.4 for version We could find there mainly bug fixes, as well as some improvements, for example connected with audio.device or HDToolBoxem, which could define better clock sizes for hard drivers. What's more - CrossDOS should be not sensitive on wrong configuration of mounting and different character encoding.

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Amiga Future 139

In 139-th issue (July-August 2019) of magazine Amiga Future you could find m.in. interview with Volker Wertich (The Settlers), review of games RESHOOT R, River Raid Reloaded and Bridge Strike and also AmigaOS 3.1.4. The magazine is available in German and English version. Price: 6,50 euro or 9,50 euro (with cover CD).

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