2020-02-25 16:14

gry AMiner 20.2.20 Comments »

AMiner is an arcade game for one or two players, well known from RetroKomp. This game is still updated - the newest version has been released and available here as ADF file or ZIP package.

Darren Greenwald is dead

In Reddit service you could read short bio of Darren Greenwald, who was working on Amig±andi AmigaOS in Commodore, and lately in Scala company. Darren has died at the end of January 2020 in age 59.

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AmiSSL 4.4

AmiSSL has been updated and right now it is compatible with the newest OpenSSL 1.1.1d. Beside this, also main certificates have been upgraded as well as number of fixes and improvements. There are two versions of this library: for AmigaOS 4.x and 3.x (68020+).

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Amibian 1.5 Extended Edition

Amibian has been released in version Extended 1.5. This version contains the same like a "standard" Amibian plus an graphic Linux environment based on Raspbian (including all of emulators). At this moment only version for Raspberry Pi 4 is available.

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narzedzia UnRAR 5.80 Comments »

In Aminet you could find a new version of UnRAR - a tool for unpacking archives. This is port of version 5.8.5, is available in Polish version and allows to handle files bigger than 4 GB (compilation for AmigaOS 4).

gcc Compilations for AmigaOS 4 using MacOS X Comments »

A cross-compiler GCC 8.3.0 AmigaOS 4 for MacOS X is available. Mac's users could compile programs in C directly on their computers.

Notebook PowerPC - PCB deal is signed

1.2.2020 - on the web page dedicated to project of new PowerPC netbook the new entry has been published. We could read there : we signed a contract with ACube Systems (company we rely on for the design) just for subtask 1A. At the time of signing the contract, we paid 6000 euro, the amount required by the designer to start working..

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biuro Leu 0.08 Comments »

Leu is a simple editor of spread sheets in formats: Excel (xlsx), Open/LibreOffice (ods), TurboCalc (tcd) and ASCII fles (csv). It is available in version 0.08. In the newest version sorting and searching functionalities have been added.

Prism2 2.7

Prism2 driver is designed for handling of wireless cards (based on Prism II chipset) and works using different modes: unsecured, WEP 64/128 bit ASCII/HEX, WPA-PSK TKIP/AES or WPA2-PSK TKIP/AES, hidden or visible SSID. In the latest 2.7 version we received: handling of 13 new PCMCIA and CF cards, support for older Intersil firmware versions and fixed 64-bit WEP software.

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cagames K&A Plus #14 available to download Comments »

The #14 issue of Komoda & Amiga magazine is avaliable to download both in Polish and English version (as well as cover disk).

android Bridge Strike in App Store and Google Play Comments »

The Polish Amiga game Bridge Strike (River Raid clone) is available also for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. The game is free, but there are micro-transaction.

fps_amiga ZGloom in progress Comments »

ZGloom is a implementation of Amiga FPS game Gloom for Windows and Linux. This project is at very early stage and we didn't receive any version yet.

gry Inviyya - demo version Comments »

You could download a demo versio of Inviyya - space shooter in R-Type style. Here you could see a video from this game.

SSHTerm 1.1

Fredrik 'salass00' Wikstrom has started a writing of software, which Amiga users missed so much. SSHTerm jak is a SSH client with 256-colours terminal emulation based on upgraded version of libtsm library. To run program we need AmigaOS 4.1 update 6 and AmiSSL 4.3.

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Wings Remastered - the new demo version
Wings Remastered - the new demo version

In our list of Amiga games you still could find Wings Remastered game, which is still (since Amiga32 party in 2017) in development phase and has not been released yet. A few days ago Daytona in amigans.net forum wrote, that he for sure will finish this game, because he spent too much time on it and he released a new demo version (Warp3D, Warp3D Tabor SPE and MiniGL4GL4ES).

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sprzet Amigowy hardware na GitHub Comments »

GitHub service contains not only code repositories, but also hardware projects for classic Amiga. Last time we found: Open-Hardware Floppy Drive Simulator (improved Gotek), open source flicker fixer for Amiga 500/2000, 1MB chip RAM for A500+ and idea of Vampire V4 Standalone case, which looks like TV-modulator for Amiga 500.


Rotator is a new game for classic Amiga which costs 7 dollars, where you control a vehicle, collect diamonds and trying to stay above the ever-rising flood level. You could see it on above video.

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gcc Atom supports C/AmigaOS API and AmigaDOS scripts Comments »

Popular editor/IDE Atom have, beside others, two, which support writing code for Amiga - C for AmigaOS API and AmigaDOS scripts.

wideo AGABlaster 0.9.70 Comments »

AGABlaster is a movie player (written using assembler) in CDXL format. Last time a new version 0.9.70 has been released - it centers automatically displayed movies, adds new cooper effects and allows a keyboard control.

Hyperion and Cloanto close to finalizing settlement

As we could read here, a German service amiga-news wrote, that Hyperion i Cloanto companies are allegedly close to finalizing settlement: Business representatives of Hyperion, Cloanto, and C-A Acquisitions, Inc. have been engaged in several days of intensive face-to-face settlement discussions in Europe geared toward a global resolution of all claims

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arm Emu68 for AArch64 Comments »

Michał Schulz wrote on his blog, that he is very close to finish the conversion of Emu68 (the new MC680x0 processor emulator prepared for ARM processors) to AArch64 architecture.

Games: Bagman, Raid over Moscow, Black Strawberry Cake and BOH

During last tome several new games have been released: port of Bagman (version for SDL + GFX and ECS), port of the Raid over Moscow well known from 8-bits computers, the two new levels in Black Strawberry Cake arcade game (above you could see a video from this game) and the 20-th update of BOH game (AmigaOS 4).

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redpill RedPill 0.7.8 Comments »

RedPill (program for creation of games for classic Amiga) has been released in 0.7.8 version. What's new? For example option of quick loading of created games, better work with animations, a new examples and number of bugs have been removed.

Vampire card? Please stand in a queue.
Vampire card? Please stand in a queue.

Apollo Team has a webpage, where you could subscribe to the queue of people waiting for Vampire cards in versions: V600 V2 (300 euro), V500 V2+ (300 euro) and V1200 V2 (450 euro). There is also possibility to verify status of your order. Currently about 4500 people are waiting in a queue to purchase Vampire card.

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MiniGL4GL4ES 3.2

MiniGL4GL4ES is a weird software for AmigaOS = collection of libraries, which replaces MiniGL and GLUT on GL4ES wrapper. It occurs, that we could play on old MiniGL games using computer with Polaris graphic card.

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AmigaOS 4 nice features: system notifications with progress bar
AmigaOS 4 nice features: system notifications with progress bar

In 2020 we launch new video series called "AmigaOS 4 nice features". It will be collection of 1-minute films show cute functionalities of AmigaOS 4. The first episode: system notifications with progress bar. Of course, SZAMAN Race will be continued.

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Amiga with UVD support

Unified Video Decoder is a video decoding unit, created by ATI Technologies to support decoding of H.264 and VC-1. It's a part of ATI AVIVO HD. Trevor Dickinson has published in YouTube Emotion player on Amiga One A1222 with support for this technology. It is probably part of new drivers, which will be released together with ES v 2.0.

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trevor Sunny Trevor's blog Comments »

Trevor Dickinson (A-Eon/Amiga One/A1222) has published new entry on his blog "Another sunny day". It concerns mainly on his travels.

Happty New Year!

We would like to wish you a happy and great new 2020 year!

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We would like to remind, that game Blastaway, which we annunced in August, has been released. Simone Bevilacqua prepared versions both for AmigaOS 4 and Windows. This shooter contains 50 levels and is available for free. Of course you could support the author.

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apple Dave Haynie - why Apple switched from PowerPC to Intel? Comments »

Dave Haynie on his blog wrote why Apple has switched from PowerPC to Intel: It was not simply that Apple knew that PowerPC had no future - everyone knew it.

ACA1211 and ACA1221lc

Individual Computers offers (99 euro) new extension for Amiga 1200 named ACA1211. Here is what we will find inside: 11 MB Fast RAM, Kickstart mapping, IDE speeder and does not block PCMCIA. Options: RTC module and USB RapidRoad controller. In January (preorder is available) you could purchase also card ACA1221lc, which has the same functionality like 1211, but it has also 68EC020 processor (up to 40 MHz).

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scena Versus #9 and Feedback 8 Comments »

Two new scene productions are available in OS4Depot: magazine Versus #9 (available also in OCS/ECS version), which contains scene charts and music-disk Feedback 8.

radeon Enhancer Software/Radeon HD - update of drivers Comments »

New versions of drivers and libraries 3D for RadeonHD cards: ogles2.library (2.11), warp3dnova.library (1.68) and RadeonHD (3.7) are available to download using Updater (Enhancer Software package).

H-Craft Championship
H-Craft Championship

H-Craft Championship is an arcade game, space racer and it has been developed by Irrgheist using free graphic engine Irrlicht. Just on the beginning it was a commercial product, but in 2014 it became a free game. In 2015 source code has been published.

This game has been released in 2007 for Linux and right now we could launch it also (thanks to kas1e) on Amiga One. The necessary files are available here.

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gry kas1e released new versions of Neverball, Foobillard++, SuperTuxKart and Friking Shark Comments »

kas1e has rebuild ports of 3D games using the new version of his wrapper gl4es and we could download : Neverball 1.6.0r2, Foobillard++ 3.42, SuperTuxKart 0.8.1 and Friking Shark 1.2.

winuae WinUAE 4.3.0 Comments »

A new version of the best Amiga emulator for Windows has been released. List of all changes and bug fixes in new version 4.3.0 of WinUAE you will find here.

amicygnix Claws Mail 3.9.2 and UFRaw 0.22 Comments »

Edgar Schwan has compiled two new programs for AmiCygnix: email client Claws Mail and UFRaw - program used to edit photos in RAW format.

Styl MagicWB for Windows

Amiga Future has described a package, which adds MagicWB style (2500 icons, wallpapers, pointers, and other add-ons) for Windows system. To use it we should install three programs: Rainmeter, WindowBlinds and RocketDock. Author: Sylvio Kurze.

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oprogramowanie MUIMapparium 0.8 Comments »

MUIMapparium (AmigaOS 4 and 3.x) - client of OpenStreetMap has been released in version 0.8. This program is begin develop by Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow.

amicygnix EasyTAG 2.1.8 Comments »

The EasyTAG application you could run now using AmiCygnix. This application is used for editing of tags within audio files (MP3 / MP2, MP4 / AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, WavPack, MusePack and Monkey).

The 14-th issue of "Komoda & Amiga +" magazine

New issue (fourteen) of "Komoda & Amiga +" has been released. It is a paper magazine for all Commodore machines lovers. You could purchase in two language versions: Polish (25 zł + shipping) and English (8 euro + shipping). This is how cover looks like:

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scena Crunch Comments »

Pseudaxos has prepared a disk Crunch (Ultimate Collection Volume 2), Music has been created using Milky Tracker on AmigaOS4.1.

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin

Retro hype made, that companies 3D Realms and 1C Entertainment have supported game on (beloved by every Amiga fan) Quake 1 engine. WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is available from 22.11.2019 in Steam service as an early access (so it is not finished yet) for Windows computers.

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aca ACA1240/1260 in progress. How about cooling? Comments »

Company Individual Computers has presented on their web page how will look like cooling system for the new turbo cards ACA1240/1260.

A2 Extra CD #1: First aid kit for your Amiga

In December 2019 AMIGA.net.pl publishing house will start shipping of the first CD from the series A2 Extra CD! Every issue will contain select software with special addons. A2 Extra CD #1 is a rescue aid kit for Amiga computers, which allows to launch operating system and system without using hard drive

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Author: Adam Zalepa

gry Another update of Huenison game Comments »

Few days ago Huenison game (for AmigaOS4 and Windows) has been updated. This game connects elements from other popular games, like Arkanoid, Pac-Man, Tertris and others.

amiga600 eX601 Comments »

Lotharek offers extension card eX601 for Amiga 600: 1 MB RAM, real time clock with battery, connector for Indivision ECS i and two clock ports. Price: 169 PLN.

elbox Updates of pci.library i MedConfig by Elbox Comments »

Elbox has released some elements of software for bridges Mediator PCI - program MedConfig and pci.library library.

Goadf! v2.0 2020 edition

A new version of GoADF! program has been released. The current version has number numer 2.0 (build 2905) i and brings us several new features - the most important is handling of floppy disks formats ADZ, DMS and HFE. Whole functionality works fine with new formats - the same like for ADF files. (info about disk, viewing of content, mount of files using virtual disk drives).

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Author: vojo

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