2020-05-28 20:03

Amiga? Not Amiga? Keyboard interface

Something non-usual - an equipment for people who use Amiga case to put inside other computer (like Raspberry Pi). Tynemouth Software has prepared a special interface to connect with Amiga keyboard for Amiga 500(+) and A600 and 1200.

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odyssey Odyssey 1.23 r5 beta07 Comments »

A new beta version of Odyssey brwser 1.23 r5 is available. We could find there e.g. fixes of Cairo library, a new version of Pixman library, some fixes of full-screen video player and handling of additional mouse buttons.

Kraftwerk - In the memory of Florian Schneider (on Amiga)
Kraftwerk - In the memory of Florian Schneider (on Amiga)

21-th April 2020 - this day Florian Schneider-Esleben passed away. German singer, musician and one of founders of Kraftwerk band. Kevin Saunders has prepared on Amiga (using Brilliance 2) special nimation (HAM8 format) in the memory of Florian Schneider.

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amigaos3 AmigaOS 3.1.4(.1) - new release and new language versions Comments »

Hyperion Entertainment has shared (for all registered users) release info of AmigaOS 3.1.4(.1) edition as well as localization files (version 45.315) for languages: Polish, Greek, Russian.

Flickerfixer for A500/A2000 (based on FPGA)

In GitHub you could find a project of flickerfixer for Amiga 500/2000 based on FPGA technology. The first idea was to use Denise chip directly, but later the author has changed his mind. He decoded to use emulation of Denise (based on FPGA) and send video VGA signal.

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WarpBMP 45.8, WarpPCX 45.6 and WarpPSD 45.6

Oliver Roberts has updated his datatypes for such formats: BMP, PCX and PSD. All of them are compiled using GCC 8.1.0 (OS4) and VBCC 0.9g (WarpOS). Besides optimization, there are also global variables ENV. Datatypes should have better recognition of the formats.

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oprogramowanie RNOPDF - ECS/AGA version Comments »

RNOPDF is a PDF viewer build using Hollywood. In Aminet There is a special version for Amiga computers without additional graphic cards. Minimal requirements: AmigaOS 3.0, 68020 processor and RAM - as much as possible.

Hans de Ruiter about "ready when it is ready"

Amiga developer Hans de Ruiter has recorded video clip where he explained, that release date "ready when is ready" is bot a good idea. And developers should announce release date, even if it is not realistic.

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AxRuntime (AxRT)
AxRuntime (AxRT)

Krzysztof "deadwood" ¦miechowicz works on his runtime environment AxRuntime for Linux developers, which like to create his applications using API of AmigaOS. The idea is to compile, develop, test and optimize programs for Amiga within AxRT.

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java JAmiga 1.3 Comments »

The files of moving Java on AmigaOS project have been updated 21.4.2020 0 the version 1.3 is available. There is no information if such a files are fresh (and Joakim Nordstrom is working on it again) or we received code prepared three years ago. Author's blog has not been updated yet.

Hollywood Designer 5.0
Hollywood Designer 5.0

19.4.2020 Airsoft Softwair has released a version 5.0 of Hollywood Designer program.

Hollywood Designer is and graphic interface (GUI) to work with Hollywood. It allows us to create presentations as well as games and applications, which could be compiled for: AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, WarpOS, MorphOS, AROS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Hollywood Designer 5.0 is available both as CD and digital download. Available versions: AmigaOS 3 (m68k), WarpOS (PPC), MorphOS (PPC), AmigaOS 4 (PPC) i AROS (x86). There is a discount for current users and free version for persons who bought 4.0 within a current year. Please remind, that Designer requires the latest version of Hollywood (8.0).

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wideo Andy Broad shows how to prepare video on AmigaOS4 Comments »

Andy Broad (musician and developer) shows on his blog how to use Amiga One X1000 (applications: Audio Evolution and Blender for AmigaOS 4) to prepare his video "One Man Band".


Magazyn 1.0

Robert Szacki has made a game Magazyn (EN: Magazine). It is the Sokoban clone. To pass to the next level you have to move packages to the proper places. There is also option to edit levels and make your owns. The next versions of the game are in progress.

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oprogramowanie ZitaFTP Server 1.13 Comments »

Serwer FTP "Zita" (by Hans de Ruiter) is still developed. Version 1.13 contains e.g. bug fixes, AmiSSL 4.5 and new messages. The cost of this program: from 47 up to 188 euro.


przegladarka EvenMore 0.93 Comments »

A text file viewer EvenMore has been release in version 0.93. You could download this program in versions lha: OS3, OS4 and AmiKit. The author is back after three years and some new options were added: e.g. wrapping of texts and correct handling of files in formats XML, HTML and AbiWord XML.

Shaderjoy 1.0

Capehill works on player of shaders for AmigaOS 4.1 + OpenGL ES 2.0/Warp3D Nova. The main goal of this project is to develop program which will be able to display projects from shadertoy.com website. This program is available to download in version 1.0. More info and progress is place on amigans.net forum. Video prepared by kas1e is attached to this news.

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sprzet 4xIDE adapter + FastIDE for A600/1200 Comments »

Amigakit offers adapter, which allows to connect up to 4 IDE peripherals to Amiga 1200 or 600. You could expand this tool by purchasing FastIDE - extension on Gayle chipset which increases hard disks transfer.

narzedzia UnRAR 5.90 Comments »

On Aminet you could find a new version of decompressing tool: UnRAR - 5.9.2. The size of stock is increased to 800 kB to handle files RAR3 archives. Additional feature: the program displays warning when there are signs outside the coding set.

biuro HomeBank 4.6.3 Comments »

Edgar Schwan has updated his AmiCygnix port of HomeBank program - a tool for a maintain personal finance.

prace_trwaja Amos Kittens Comments »

Amos Kittens is a GitHub project. The author, Kjetil "LiveForIt" Hvalstrand, works on the interpreter, which will allow to run AMOS code on AmigaOS 4 (compatibility level for commands should be around 99%).

New virus on Aminet

On Aminet sombody uploaded vprot.lha archive, which contains trojan virus (it deletes/overwrites bootblock on floppy). This virus has been not recognized by any existing antivirus software on AmigaOS, so it looks like we have a new one.

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gcc Spotless and SimpleDebug Comments »

Spotless is a developer tool for debugging. The idea was to prepare a simply and complete tool. This program has GUI and there is also CLI version: SimpleDebug.

AbandonMI2 - Mason's abandoned incons

On OS4Depot service you could download an archive (382 MB - 256x256 icons), which contains icons prepared by Martin "Mason" Merz for AmigaOS 4.2.

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WarpJPEG 45.14

Oliver Roberts has updated his datatype for JPEG format. The newest jpeglib v9d library is used on all systems (OS4, OS3 i WarpOS), so it should be faster about 10% more (max on AltiVec). WarpOS version was compiled using VBCC 0.9g (GCC 8.1.0 for AmigaOS 4 version). WarpDT is a shareware software (the registration fee is 20 euro).

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DOSBox 0.74 r4293 with JIT
DOSBox 0.74 r4293 with JIT

DOSBoxis a software emulation of DOS/CPU x86 environment and focuses on launching old PC games. It has been written using SDL library and GNU license is used here.

The original MS-DOS is not required, because DOSBox has his own DOS implementation. You could run Windows 3.0, 3.11 and 95.

  • Graphic emulation: text mode, Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA (including Mode X and other extensions), VESA and full emulation of S3 Trio 64.
  • Sound emulation: Adlib, PC speaker, Tandy, Sound Blaster, CMS, Disney and Gravis Ultrasound.

The new version of DOSBox for AmigaOS has been prepared by kas1e and released in February 2020.

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odyssey Odyssey 1.23 r5 beta06 Comments »

Since 22.04.2020 the next beta version (6-th) of Odyssey web browser (1.23 r5) is available. The main changes are connected with multimedia player. The new user-agent "iPhone OS 12.4" has been added as well as new function of turning on/off handling of audio/video mp4 (for example if we would like to download such files, instead playing them).

Trevor's blog: stay at home

Trevor Dickinson (A-EON) has added a new entry on his blog. We could read here: Our Amiga community is not immune from these dramatic world events. The lockdown will delay the release of the A1222 Early Adopter edition with Matthew Leaman stating on AmigaWorld.net it could be pushed back towards the end of the year. In better news, AmigaKit, as an online retailer, can still mail shipments to most parts of the world and Matthew has confirmed that the AAA Bundles will begin shipping in April/May.

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oprogramowanie Star Trek: persons, ships and schemas Comments »

Michael Holmes has added on OS4Depot updated elements of hir base with info about Star Trek universe.

Eric Chahi shows how was created a scene from Another World
Eric Chahi shows how was created a scene from Another World

Eric Chahi - a French game creator shows on Twitter the original scene made in 1990 (using a toy car Ferrari 288 GTO), which has been moved (using a animation techology called rotoscoping) to famous Amiga game Another World. This post is attached to current news.

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HODE: Heart of Darkness
HODE: Heart of Darkness

The game places players in the role of a child named Andy as he attempts to rescue his dog who has been kidnapped by shadow-like spectres. The game has about half an hour of storytelling cinematic sequences, thousands of 2D animated frames, and uses pre-rendered background scenery.

Heart of Darkness has been made in 1998 and by Amazing Studio. The game was supervised by Eric Chahi (Another World's creator). Thanks to HODE engine (ported in January 2020 by kas1e) you can play on it using AmigaOS. You need to have an original Windows game (or just demo version).

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gry Tests: QuickShot QS 131 i Konix Speedking Comments »

Mikołaj Małkiewicz has prepared a short test of two joysticks - a classic QuickShot and more rarely Konix Speedking (1986).

amiga500 Rämixx500 Comments »

Rämixx500 is a project (on GitHub), which contains all docs, which are needed to create your own remake of Amiga 500+ main board (version 8A.1 - details are decribed in doc). Of course we have to have our own chip set to build such Amiga.

oprogramowanie WarpPNG 45.22 Comments »

Oliver Roberts has updated his datatype to handle files in format PNG. In current version we have the newest version of libpng library 1.6.37 as well as compiled GCC 8.1.0 (OS4) and VBCC 0.9g (WarpOS).

A314 for A600

A FPGA card "A314", which allows to connect A500 to Raspberry Pi (expansion port), will have also version for Amiga 600. As you could see on attached video, mouse pointer of Amiga is controlled by mouse connected to RPi. It is just a next option how to use A314.

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Atomic Bomberman 2.3

Daytona has prepared version 2.3 of the game port of Atomic Bomberman, which was published in 1997 (Interplay/PC). The Amiga port requires Warp3D (there is also compositing version), AmigaOS 4.1 FE and original game (Windows CD version).

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gry ZGR3D Comments »

ZGR3D is a new game made by Project R3D (Code: Juen, Gfx: Koyot1222, Msx: JMD), which is a clone of an old game "Kret" (PC DOS). This game has been presented during Revision 2020 party. Requirements: Amidze OCS/0.5 MB RAM.


youtube Amiga internet of 90s Comments »

You could watch film on YouTube, which shows a trip to Amiga internet in the 90s. There are 50 web pages (since to 2994 to 2000) shown using probesers like Mosaic, Voyager, iBrowse and AWeb. The video is attached to this news.


gry Hydra Castle Labyrinth Comments »

Artur Jarosik has ported an arcade game Hydra Castle Labyrinth for Amiga. The Vampire card is recommended.


Happy Easter!

As usual, due to Easter, we wish you a good health and lots of success. And have an Amiga fun!

eXec.pl editors

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wideo AGABlaster 0.9.71 alpha Comments »

AGABlaster is a CDXL format movie player (written using assembler). We received version 0.9.71 alpha, which brings: no limits of file size, automatic centered of the films, OCS chips handling, overscan mode and NTSC.

scena The Revision 2020 party online Comments »

The Revision 2020 party, which is taking place within Easter weekend, is transmitted online in Twitch. A proper link to broadcast is attached to this news.


Mini Zorro

Mini Zorro is a new arcade game created using Backbone. It is available as a box with disks, instruction and comics (eletronic version on demand). As you could see on attached video material, graphics (jojo073) is nice and game requires more than standard A500 - 68020 is required, as all of the games created using Backbone.

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gcc Amiga Machine Code Course Comments »

Mark Wrobel - Danish Amiga fan has published on his website a course in English: Amiga Machine Code. It contains 12 parts and whole operations could be done also using WinUAE emulator. There are also disks with examples available.

odyssey Odyssey 1.23 r5 beta05 Comments »

Since 2.4.2020 the 5-th beta version of Odyssey browser 1.23 r5 is available. The most important change was added handling of full screen video materials, which has impact on the fluent displaying of films within the browser. Please take a look at below example from kas1e.


XMP plugin for Hollywood

Airsoft Softwair has prepared the XMP plugin for Hollywood. Extended Module Player Library handles number of module formats, like FastTracker II, ScreamTracker, OctaMED, The Player 4/5/6, NoisePacker, ProRunner, Oktalyzer, Impulse Tracker, Ultra Tracker, Ice Tracker, Liquid Tracker, Quadra Composer. All of them could be played using Hollywood.

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RNOXfer - a new FTP client

Program RNOXfer is a new, simple FTP client (MUI interface). This program has package of simple functionalities and been created using Hollywood (MUI Royale addon) and AmiSSL v4 is required. We could use it both on PPC and 68k

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internet AmiSSL 4.5 Comments »

AmiSSL has been released in 4.5 version and is available as open source software. In this version : dropped FPU usage from 68060 target, fixed a number of memory leaks, all binaries now stripped of debug symbols. And some small improvements were done also.

AmigaAMP 3.27
AmigaAMP 3.27

Thomas Wenzel has prepared quite big update of AmigaAMP audio player. Lots of code have been rewritten and number of bug have been fixed. Here are some new features:

Handling of streaming playlists XSPF, improved playing of mp3 using HTTP and HTTPS (using AmiSSL).

GUI in ReAcion has been improved as well as skins handling and requeter (choosing URL).

Playing of OGG and MPEG files have been improved and we received MIDI player (using tiMIDIty library) and handling of ADTS (AAC) files both for streaming as well as for local playing.

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Abiword 2.8.6r3 and Gnumeric 1.10.17r4

On OS4Depot you culdd find a new versions of Amiga office programs: Abiword editor and Gnumeric smartsheet. AbiWord could handle now pictures in formats SVG i XCF (Gimp) and open files in .docx format (plugin OpenXML has been updated).

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gry Bridge Strike 1.1 Comments »

Project R3D group has shared on PPA a new version (1.1) of Bridge Strike game.

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