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The history started in 1991, when brothers Robyn i Rand Miller wanted to create unusual adventure game. After two years game was released for Apple computers and in fact, all assumptions were converted into a real, great game. Please remember, that 1993 was year, when CD devices become popular. Just want to remind that fact, because Myst was released only on CD. This is a retro adventure (point a click) game, based on static pictures in high resolution 640*480 using 256 colors.


Just after release Myst became a hit and made CD device very popular. Just want to mention, that previously we hadn't so big productions made at home. Graphic was fantastic as well as FMV cut scenes. One of the important p[art of the game was specific mood, starting from the beginning. The game starts on abandon island named Myst and we are there thanks to special book. Exploring parts of the island player could find different books, written by Altus, which shows history of island and their inhabitants. Additionally music is well connected with game play and the feeling of empty spaces is increasing.

The game is extremely hard. People with small experience in adventure games should avoid it. just on the beginning of this game, when we found entrance to the cave (located just behind us) started to exploring the island and didn't come back there. We had to enter the code, but how to get them? We have to count plinths in the island. Please bear in mind, that it is just the beginning. Later difficulty of the game is increasing. The world, created in the game, is huge and there is a lot of place to see and visit.


Myst, as I mentioned before, has been released for Apple. Just after the premiere, game has been released also on PC and consoles: PlayStation, 3DO, Cd-i and even on PlayStation Portable. few years later also Amiga users could play Myst. In 1997 conversion has been done by ClickBOOM, which also released other hits, like: Capital Punishment (1996), Myst (1997), Quake (1998), Napalm: The Crimson Crisis (1999), Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy (2000). Requirements were not so high in these days: Amiga with AGA, processor 68020, 8MB RAM and CD device to get started. Of course better configuration gives better experience, because game works better on the extended graphic and turbo cards.

Myst has continuation: Riven: The Sequel to Myst (1997), Myst III: Exile (2001), Uru: Ages Beyond Myst (2003), Myst IV: Revelation (2004), Myst V: End of Ages (2005). Above official line we had: Myst Masterpiece Edition (1996), realMYST (2000), realMyst: Masterpiece Edition (2014) and Obduction (2016). It's a pity, that we can't play all of them on Amiga.

Let me mention on the end about re-release of original Myst in 1996 named "Myst Masterpiece Edition". It contains 24 bit graphics and better video quality. In both version you can play using ScummVM.

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