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Added: 2022-02-11, Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka, Category: Emulation, Page views: 2098


New AmiKit XE 11.5+

Anyone is not familiar with AmiKit package yet? For sure none of the regular readers of Exec.pl. We have written about the package more than once and I encourage you to read the old texts. You will find more information and details. There is an opportunity to mention it, because the latest version of AmiKit XE, marked as number 11.5 (or actually 11.6, but I will explain later), has just been released.

Let me just briefly introduce you to the topic - short reminder what AmiKit is. In short, it's just a pre-configured AmigaOS 3.1 (complete with loads of bundled software) to be installed and run on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. There is also a special version for the Raspberry Pi, which allows us to create a dedicated "Amiga" based on Raspberry 4/400 series (more info here).

As you can easily see the numbering, and we have the release marked as 11.5+, there is nothing to expect a revolution compared to version 11.0. So we have a significant update, a lot of fixes, but it's actually the same good product. Therefore, in the text I will focus on news and differences from previous versions. I had the opportunity to test the version for Windows.

The AmiKit XE is based on the subscription option (details on the manufacturer's website: www.amikit.amiga.sk). The author emphasizes that the support period is included in every purchase. The new version is available for everyone who purchased the package in 2021 - the one-year license for updates has been extended until the end of 2022. In the case of an already installed version of XE (11.4), the system will of course detect the new version and update itself using the built-in "Live Update" option. Of course, you can also run the installer - the manufacturer recommends creating a backup in advance before such operation. Traditionally, the installer requires a copy of the original ROMs, and it works best with the Amiga Forever package and if it is installed on the computer, AmiKit will connect and check the appropriate files.

Let's take a look inside. What do we have there? The latest version of WinUAE number 4.9.1. It is the best Amiga emulator for Windows and there is no sense to invent anything new from scratch. From this version we have a fully 64-bit solution. We will also get FullHD and the currently fashionable night mode. Also the new MorpheuZ is inside.

The author, Ján Zahurančík, focused primarily on the content. There are a lot of new things here and I would like to focus more on them. Inside some new programs and games (including AmiBrixx, Ask Your Amiga, DoomAttack, MiniHex, SCopy). We will also find a refreshed menu with an installer. At the very beginning the system will suggest an update to version 11.6 (in fact it only contains bug fixes, so I will not focus on it). We have an easier option to copy files to AmigaOS inside, as well as support for scripts run at startup. Please don't forget about the whole list of programs updated to the latest version (including AmiSSL, iGame, ModExplorer, Sysinfo, WHDLoad). And of course some bug fixes, but that is always standard with every release. All the details can be found here.

Besides, we have the usual things as always. Lots of utility software, some games, and above all, a well-configured AmigaOS system all the time. Please don't forget about the already described solution: Rabbit Hole - all the details were described in the previous reviews.

My personal impression? We have a good solution, which, as you can see, can be further improved.And I keep my opinion about the target group - they are Amiga fans who like to have a well-configured system without worrying about dependencies, installations, system conflicts and missing libraries. I do not recommend it to people who want to know all possible options and like to have everything their own way - they simply won't have anything to do there.

Are you not sure if it is worth spending money? Why just try the older but fully functional version of AmiKit X, where the user pays "whatever you would like" (the author suggests 10 euro).

PS. There is also a new FlowerPot.

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