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Trevor about Tabor and Libre Office

Trevor about Tabor and Libre Office

"I really can't say anything bad about that". Newest entry in Trevor Dickinson's blog. He wrote about different topics: Enhancer Software v1.5, Amiga T-shirts of Chelsea footbal team and curious photos of CD32 "destroyed" by Scala company. Mots important, from our point of view, are info about Taborze (A1222) and Libre Office:

Tests of Tabor and Cyrus+

Last month, Adam Barnes, the former CTO of Ultra Varisys and several of his colleagues, attended AmigaKit's offices in Cardiff to help Matthew and his team prepare for production and support of the Tabor and Cyrus+ motherboards. In preparation for the work visit, Ultra Varisys shipped six pallets of stock containing a mixture of Cyrus+ motherboards, both tested and untested, along with prototypes and safety stock for both Cyrus+ and Tabor.

The technology transfer meeting lasted almost five days and was wholly dedicated to A-EON Technology's AmigaOne hardware, including production issues and other technical matters.

To facilitate the technology transfer, AmigaKit suspended its normal daytime business operations to concentrate on the Tabor/Cyrus work. To make up for the lost time, the AmigaKit team worked overtime from 6pm - 11pm every evening to service and support its regular Amiga customer base. I would like to thank Matthew and his team for all their support and hard work and look forward to exciting times in the New Year.

Libre Office 5 - screenshots

As I revealed in my AmiWest presentation, the Libre Office 5 beta version for AmigaOS 4 is finally nearing completion. That might sound like a strange comment since the beta version of Libre Office 4 was released to testers almost a year ago. Unfortunately, a specific mechanism in version 4 was not possible, or rather, could not be fully implemented in AmigaOS 4. The result was instability and crashes which the developers could not hope to get under control. Fortunately for us, Version 5 of Libre Office, thanks to its need to run under Android, has refined this mechanism in a much more portable way allowing it to be implemented under AmigaOS 4. Therefore the decision was made to ditch version 4 and move on to version 5. It was unavoidable to do this step, and even though it took a good while (remember that this is a side project that is only worked on for a week each month if and when the developers have spare time) we're now back at more or less the same state as when we left version 4 behind.

The UI works (minus some rendering errors that are being worked on), and you can actually type text and save and load documents. There are a couple of minor issues that still need to be addressed before the first Libre Office 5 beta is released and these issues should be addressed next month. It has been a long, challenging and expensive project but hopefully it will soon start to bear fruit.

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