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Nowadays Amiga software is very often available (especially in internet) as ADF (Amiga Disk Format) files. It is not a common way of working for number of users. Program GoADF! has been made to help them. GoADF! has user friendly GUI and possibility to handling four virtual floppy drives. Moreover, there is a possibility to overview a content of ADF file without saving into floppy disk.

GoADF! is a shareware program and registration costs 30 zł (about 7 euro). Requirements are quite low: 68000 processor (68020+ to handle virtual drives), 1 MB RAM, Kickstart 2.0, hard disk and reqtools.library in version 38.


On website A2 publishing you could get 30% of discount buying any subscription of "Amigazyn" magazine.

Author: vojo

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