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Added: 2019-07-10 16:47, Author: st, Category: Games


FooBillard++ 3.42 and update of other 3D games

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FooBillard is a free computer billiard game (GPL licence) runs on different opertaing systems based on OpenGL library.

A player could play in different billiard games with computer (several levels) or another player or by network. there is also training mode available.

Realistic game, well programmed artificial intelligence and a proper graphic - so we could call this game a simulator.

kas1e, using gl4es wrapper and OGLES2 library as well as Warp3D Nova, made compilation for AmigaOS 4 last stable version of this game.

To play this game we have to have Amiga One with Radeon HD graphic card. The developer, using new possibilities, updated also other games, which have started to work more smooothly: Neverball/Neverputt (version 1.6.0) and shooter Frikingshark. How it work? You could see on this video:

Thanks to new 3D drivers from ES 1.5 we could play on new version 1.1 of AmiCraftNova (Minecraft for Amiga, currently in progress).

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