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Added: 2021-05-28 12:37, Author: st, Category: Hardware


"Buffee" project - what's up?

Buffee is a project of processor "replacement" for A500/1000/2000. We have information, that Buffee will be working in extremely compatibility mode and it will be required to configure it by user or dealer just for user's hardware (Amiga, Atari or Mac 68k).

Here is a list of things to be set up:

  • Enable CPU local RAM in 32-bit memory (disabled by default)
  • Set the location and amount of this RAM
  • Enable data and/or instruction caches for any memory block (by default only the instruction cache is enabled in 24-bit memory, all caches are enabled for 32-bit memory)
  • Enable PJIT instruction cache for any memory block (by default, PJIT ICache is enabled only on 32-bit memory)
  • Set the CPU base clock PLLs (presets for 275 to 1000 MHz)
  • Set the CPU clock divider (from 1 to 1/256th of the base clock)
  • Select between 68000 or 68030 instruction set (68000 default)
  • Select between No FPU, 68882, 68040 or fast 68040 FPU modes (No FPU is default)
  • Enable 68K MMU emulation
  • Preload and remap up to a 2MB ROM image (with or without 68K MMU enabled)


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