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Added: 2023-01-20 11:11, Author: st, Category: Software


Amiga Recharge - 1/2023

Amiga Recharge - 1/2023

Welcome to the first "Amiga Recharge" of 2023. Read the short description for new programs and games like: AirScan 1.0A, smb2fs V53.4, AmiKit XE 11.9.0, ACube Systems and TAWS 0.35

1. AirScan 1.0A - scanner utility based on the ESCL protocol. Program is tested with Epson XP900 and Canon TR7500. This an alpha release with minimum of configuration options available.

2. smb2fs V53.4 - Fredrik Wikstrom's SMB2 handler based on libsmb2, allows remote access to files via the SMB2/3 protocols. Application have versions for OS3 and OS4 system.

3. AmiKit XE 11.9.0 for Raspberry Pi 4/400 and Windows - fixed a few minor (but annoying) bugs before release a bigger upgrade in 2023.

4. ACube Systems - released new version UBoot for Sam460EX/Sam460CR/Sam460LE and informs about delay in the delivery of the remaining Sam460LE (problem with Ethernet controler).

5. The Amiga Workbench Simulation 0.35 - Michael Rupp released new version of TAWS (Javascript simulation of the Workbench 1.0 - 4.1 FE).

smb2fs V53.4 (OS3/OS4)

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