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Added: 2023-02-16 13:05, Author: st, Category: Software


Amiga Recharge - 2/2023

Amiga Recharge - 2/2023

Welcome to the second "Amiga Recharge" of 2023. Read the short description for new programs and games like: Linux kernel 6.2, updated Heart of Darkness for OS4, Hollywood plugins - ZIP 1.2 and XML 2.0, "Solitare match" and point'n click adventure game "NEONnoir".

1. Xeno74 from A-EON Open Source released the RC8 of Linux kernel 6.2for testing (X1000/X5000) today.

2. Kas1e updated Heart of Darkness for AmigaOS 4 - build with GCC 11.3 with optimization and newer SDL2 (so more gamepads work).

3. Application Hollywood has two plugins in new versions: ZIP 1.2 and XML 2.0.

4. For two dollars you can buy, for AmigaOS 3.x with a graphics card, new solitare game - Solitare match v1.10 (a demo version is also available).

5. The English point'n click adventure game NEONnoir was developed with AmiBlitz. We are a private detective and we are tracking a drug addicted daughter from a good family.

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