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Blog: JavaScript Bloat in 2024

Blog: JavaScript Bloat in 2024

Programmer and UI designer Niki writes on her blog: I was a bit out of touch with modern front-end development. I also remembered articles about web bloat, how the average web page size was approaching several megabytes! So all this time I was living under impression that, for example, if the average web page size is 3 MB, then JavaScript bundle should be around 1 MB. Surely content should still take the majority, no? Niki decided to check this in 2024.

Well, in 2024, Slack pulls up 55 MB, the size of the original Quake 1 with all the resources. But now it's just in JavaScript alone.

It's not just about download sizes. I welcome high-speed internet as much as the next guy. But code JavaScript is something that your browser has to parse, keep in memory, execute. It's not free. And these people talk about performance and battery life...

Call me old-fashioned, but I firmly believe content should outweigh code size. If you are writing a blog post for 10K characters, you don't need 1000× more JavaScript to render it.

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