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Added: 2024-04-02 18:56, Author: st, Category: Emulation


Emu68 V1.0

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Michal Schulz, the developer, has released the stable version 1.0 of 68k emulation for ARM architecture. The focus is on PiStorm and PiStorm32lite. Emu68 1.0 includes all changes from 1.0 RC1, RC2 and RC3, plus some additional fixes and improvements. Starting with Emu68 1.0, the author recommends all users to use only official versions and not to use nightly builds unless it is really necessary.

Michał Schulz wrote about this version and its changes in detail on Patreon, where you can also support his work. Plans for the future:

What are the plans for the future now? Well, the 1.0 is just a number and it does not mean that the project is complete. There are still many things in Emu68 and its tools which can be made better, more compatible or more compact, such as:

  • improved cache flushing and recovery of flushed caches improving e.g. ShapeShifter/Fusion
  • better handling of Zorro3 virtual card for better driver injection
  • improvements in drivers
  • WiFi, Ethernet, USB, ....
  • PiStorm16

OK, that's all for now :) Let me write two more posts about other projects in progress. Until then, please enjoy Emu68 1.0 and have at least as much fun as I had doing it :)

Source: amiga-news.de
Emu68 V1.0.1 (Pistorm)

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