2019-03-22 17:13

Amiga addons for Hollywood 8.0

Amiga part of Hollywood package is not develop nowadays, as it was before, but some new add-ons were released for version 8.0. There are: Player 8.0, newer SDK, add-on for Cubic IDE and updated doc (also in AmigaGuide format) both for developer and user. You could download it from official site of the program.

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SketchBlock 3.2

At thje end of February 2019 program SketchBlock 3.2 has been updated to version 3.2. New things: extended paint tool, extensions to the path editor and others. There alre also new ARexx commands. Update is available in Amistore.

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Bridge Strike
Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike is a arcade game made by Project R3D, which took second place in GameDev competition on RetroKomp in Gdańsk. Take a control over the fighter plane and become a hero! You are our last hope!

Game will be available in April 2019, but you could order it right now. Costs: 17 euro plus shipping (or 14 ero plus shipping - version without floppy disks and a poster). This edition includes:

  • CD with a game,
  • colored printed manual,
  • DVD box with coloured cover,
  • foil for box,
  • sticker 7 x 10 cm,
  • two stickers for floppies,
  • two DD floppy disks with the game,
  • coloured poster in A3 format.

See the video »

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Tabor - "premiere" at 22-th of March?

Yes, yes, yes! Tabor! Premiere! 22-th of March2019! In fact, this news is not about A1222 motherboard, but this is better than nothing. There will be premiere of new fil Ciemno, prawie noc (Dark, almost the night), where main hero here has name "Tabor" (Alicja Tabor). Disgusting, am I right? Just exactly like waiting and waiting for new motherboard, where AmigaOS 4.1 could be launched. If you would like to wait... still... then please fill form here: a1222.exec.pl and maybe you will receive new Amiga model in the next year? There will be 22-th of March 2019, so who knows...

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Hyperion has fired S. Soli

In the Amigans service we could read post of Steven Soli. We wrote, that he has been fired up as position of core developer by Hyperion in the AmigaOS developer team: This was not really unexpected given my lackluster performance and conflicts with the current management team of late. He has been also fired as developer (he is currently mentioned as "beta tester" in Hyperion forum: Also a huge thank you to all the developers, beta testers, translators, business partners, etc. that I have had the pleasure to work with as team lead. It was a pleasure.

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The Shadows of Sergoth - the first video

Conversion of "The Shadows of Sergoth" game on Amiga is in progress. It is RPG game in Dungeon Master style and port is making from Armstrad/Schneider CPC version using AMOS. Double Sided Games team is responsible for this conversion as also for 7 parts of "Black Dawn" series. Here you could see video.

See the video »

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Soundtrack from Reshoot R game

Next version of shooter similar to R-Type - Reshoot R will be released soon. Currently soundtrack from this game is available (11 tracks) and you could purchase it here on CD. Cost: about 15 euro.

See the video »

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Connect your Amiga joystick to PC

In German service amiga-news you could find description how to connect Amiga joystick to the modern PC by USB. Author, Martijn, used for this purpose controller Arduino (Pro Micro version). Similar solution is available in EAB forum.

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Scene World Podcast #60 - The Guru Meditation

In the Scene World podcast we could hear Bill Winters and Anthony Becker from vlog The Guru Meditiation. Enjoy the listening - the whole length is over 2 hours.

Listen »

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New owner of Amiga talks about the future

As you already know, Cloanto bought all Amiga trademarks and copyrights from company Amiga Inc. And now chief of Italian company, Mike Battilana, decided to tell us a few words about his plans. A short interview you could find in 24-th issue of vlog "10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast". Here you could find part of this interview:

See the video »

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BestWB 1.1

BestWB is a set of unofficial improvements for AmigaOS 3.1.4 (in the same way like BetterWB for version 3.1). You will find there images of floppy disks in formats ADF and DMS. If you have Amiga without extensions, basic knowledge about system, or just have lack of time, then such package could be very useful for you. .

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Wet 6.7 with HTTPS

There is new version of weather application Wet. It communicates with servers using HTTPS protocol, so package AmiSSL 4 needs to be installed. In the archive you could find versions for OS4 and OS3.

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Learning assembly 68k: Exploring the Amiga 7 i 8

Leonardo Giordan publishes series of serię articles "Exploring the Amiga", which will allow you to start adventure with assembly programing on classic Amiga. In February next two parts were released: seventh (The complete Exec vector table, The memory list header, Adding free memory to the system list i AddMemList internals) and eight (Branching, Enqueue, Remove, AddLibrary, Manual decompilation).

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Personal Paint 7.3c
Personal Paint 7.3c

Personal Paint is a legendary Amiga application for painting ("pixelling"), image processing and for animations. You will find there simple effects and multi-level undo. It works on ECS/AGA and also on graphic cards and handles many file format (using datatypes). It contains nine brushes, two independent workbenches, story board window for animation, colorful fonts and 181 ARexx commands.

Program is available both for classic computers (AmigaOS 3.x, also on WinUAE) and AmigaOS 4 (there is version for PowerPC as well).

The newest version 7.3c brings new tool (polygon mode added to grab brush tool) and some fixes. Update is free for users of version 7.3. The others could purchase program (classic or PowerPC version) at AmiStore or at AmigaKit store.

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Amiga Future 137

In 137 issue (March-April 2019) of Amiga Future magazine you will find: review of games Trap Runner, Powerglove Reloaded i The Kiwi's Tale, as well as report from AmiWest and Amiga 34 party announcement and many others. Magazine is available in German and English versions. Price: 6,50 euro or 9,50 euro (version with CD).

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FlashFloppy 1.0

FlashFloppy is an alternative (open source) firmware for disk drive emulator Gotek. In version 1.0 (released one month ago) automatic changes of "floppy disks" has been added. Full change log, archive and source code you will find at GitHub.

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Memory expansion for the Amiga 600

At GitHub service available is project of 8MB memory extension for Amiga 600. "LVD" has projected it in 2008 and now it is available under GPL v3 licence.

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Interviews with scene people on Amiga Life service

On Amiga Life service new series of interviews 4pLaY with current and past scene people has begun. You could find interviews with Graeme Cowie, Cocy / Pure Metal Coders, Simone Bevilacqua i Zapper / Pure Metal Coders & Cartel.

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Author: Stefkos

Komoda & Amiga plus #12
Komoda & Amiga plus #12

Issue 12 of "Komoda & Amiga +", magazine of Commodore and Amiga retro fans, has been released. What's inside? As usual, lots of interested articles, games review, interviews and many more. Paper version is available to purchase here

In Amiga part we will find for example:

  • Tim Wright - interview
  • Flashback
  • The manager
  • Modules from the drawer
  • Worthy
  • Alar City
  • Emulation Zone: Raspberry Amiga
  • Console Zone: Gunship 2000

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Hans de Ruiter - interview

In Amigans service you could read interview with Hans de Ruiter, author of drivers for graphic cards for AmigaOS: I'd like to see more of the graphics card's capabilities unlocked. The biggest one is to use the Graphics Address Remapping Table (GART) to allow the graphics card to access data in main memory via DMA [...] The other big item would be using the onboard video decoder for video playback. Plus the encoder too for video editing and recording.

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AmiSSL 4.3

New version of AmiSSL is available in OS4Depot (both versions for PPC and 68k). It is based on OpenSSL 1.1.1a (released 20.11.2018) and contains handling of protocol TLS 1.2 i TLS 1.3. "Transport Layer Security" is kind of extended SSL protocol, which ensures privacy and integrity of data transmission, as well as authentication of server (sometimes also on client side). It based on asymmetric encryption and X.509 certificates.

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Book about Deluxe Paint and Amiga NG magazine (EN version)

In Adama Zalepa's publishing house you could purchase new book - "Deluxe Paint - user`s manual" (19 euro + shipping) as well as paper version of Amiga NG magazine #5 (10 euro + shipment). More details on web site of Adam Zalepa

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Picasso II+

Picasso II+ was a graphic card made by German company Village Tronic for "large" Amiga computers (with Zorro II expansion bus). It was bulid based on Cirrus Logic GD5428 chip and it could display screens 1600×1280×8, 1152×864×16 and 800×600×24 (non-interlaced). The gallery with pictures of Picasso II+ was prepared by Czesław Mnich.

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Interview with Volker Wertich (The Settlers)

In the Amiga Ireland web page we can read interview with z Volker Wertich, developer who created The Settlers game: In reality the Amiga was so much faster and more powerful compared to what has been there before that I really didn’t really feel limited. As I said, the code was processor efficient so when I was on the Amiga 500 I think without framerate drops I had up to eight thousand settlers and the game worked so this was not really feeling limited at all. It was incredibly powerful in those days and as for comparison I think there was no other game out there in this decade which did something similar.

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The project with the working name Api2 (Parteon) was created to facilitate the solution of the biggest problem that all the Amiga systems suffer from, the lack of new software. Having a relatively small number of programmers, the vast majority of which creates programs only after hours, it is good to give them the opportunity to use time they have in optimal way. On the other hand, to encourage new people from outside of the Amiga community to create programs on our platform, it is good to provide them comparable framework to those they have on other platforms.

This is the purpose of Api2. It provides a set of components for creating applications that support typical functionalities used in programs, both graphic (windows, panels, buttons, etc.) and non-graphic (collections, documents, file system support, etc.). By using ready made elements developer can focus on the functionality of the created program instead of the implementation details.

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Author: Smith

Patch for Indivision ECS with Vampire

Apollo Team has prepared patch for Indivision ECS V1 scandoubler, which allows to works this hardware also on Amiga computers with Vampire card. Patch is available on Aminet (please use command spatch).

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Wicher 508 is coming

All CDTV (most unusual Amiga model) fans will be happy soon, because Polish manufacturer Retro 7-bit has been working on new extension for this computer. Wicher 508 will contain 8MB Fast Ram (based on SDRAM) and IDE disk controller. Photos of this product you could find on producer's site.

See the video »

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Amiga 1200 with V1200

Igor Majstorovic in Apollo forum described and showed photos of Amiga 1200, working with Vampire 1200 card (processor 68080 AMMX - FPGA technology). You could see photos of boot screen Kickstart 3.1 and results of SysInfo test. There is no comment, but we could assume, that the card will be not faster then versions V500 and V600. It looks, that project could be successful. As usual, there is no release date...

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Author: Szyk Cech

Ignition 1.0 beta 6

In January 2019 sixth version of spreadsheet Ignition has been released. Achim Pankalla fixed next bugs. Scrolling with the mouse-wheel is now supported database functions are expanded, csv.io modul is reworked and internal arexx-scripts can now be saved and reloaded.

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Hollywood 8: Supremacy

The new version (8-th) of program Hollywood is named "Supremacy", but there are very few changes for AmigaOS version - nearlly all of them are assigned for Android. There's full support of RapaGUI for Android, which allows to create native GUI for devices with Android. Most important for us could be handling of serial port, system notifications and icons. Purchsing of Hollywood gives licence for all 15 system versions. New version is free for people, who bought Hollywood 7.1 in 2019.

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Demobit 2019: Software Failure - Antiglitcher

Searching for new Amiga scene productions I found very nice 111 Kb mini-demo "Antiglitcher", for computers with AGA chipset, made by Software Failure group. It has been released during Demobit 2019 w Bratyslava. It has took second place - the first one was "Amis Cope" by Satori group.

See the video »

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Retro thrill

During reading of next book by C.S. Lewisa I found a part, which fits perfectly to our Amiga world. And not only, I'm thinking about retro-hype, which is around us. Gentelmen, which are about 40 years old would like to feel this thrill from the childhood, when they were grabbing joystick for a first time and driving Lotus car on the screen.

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Myst is an "point and click" adventure game designed by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller and developed by Cyan Worlds. Process of production has been started in 1991. The game has been released 24.10.1993 for Macintosh.

In Myst player, using magic book, has been moved into the island named Myst. Player uses other books, written by writer and explorer Atrus, to travel to other unusual worlds called Ages. The clues, found in every Age, helps to get know history of island and inhabitants. Game could be finished in several ways, depending on player's activities.

Few years later, in 1997, Amiga version has been released. It was done by ClickBOOM company.

Please read review of this game by Czesław Mnich. Enjoy the reading!

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Scene: Compusphere 2018 and Under Construction 2018

In the end of 2018 we missed two scene party, where some Amiga stuff have been released. The first Compusphere 2018 has motto "25 Years: Better, Stronger And Forever" and took a place at the turn of November and December in Sweden. The second one, Under Construction 2018 in the end of December in Germany. below you could find most interesting production.

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Forum for customers of Individual Computers

Company Individual Computers has his own internet forum, where you can contact directly with staff and developers, as well as with dealers. All other way of communication (email, ticket system and mailing list) have been closed.

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Trevor's blog: plan of manufacturing Tabor mainboard

Yesterday's entry on Trevor Dickinson's blog (above relationship from Amiga Ireland 2019 i Workbench 2019 parties) contains also information anout progress in planning of production of Tabor motherboard: I joined Matthew and AmigaOS 4 Team Lead, Steven Solie, who had flown in from Canada, in a meeting with the representative from the PCB manufacturing company that is coordinating the next Tabor motherboard [....] It was a good meeting and another step towards the production of the Tabor motherboards and the AmigaOne A1222's official release. The company will manage the PCB production and organise the board re-spin which is needed to replace a few onboard components that are no longer available.

Added: 2019-02-05 21:03, Author: st, Category: Journalism Comments »

Cloanto has bought everything from Amiga Inc.?

As we can read on Twitter's account Amiga Documents, Italian company Cloanto (Mike C. Battilana) has bought from Amiga Inc. (as company C-AA Acquisition Corp - the same owner like Cloanto) all rights and trademarks for "Amiga". We will inform you about progress - it looks like a crucial step in lawsuit against Hyperion. Such step could also finish horrible period of ownership by Amiga Inc company.

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Fienix and Arctic Fox
Fienix and Arctic Fox

Fienix is a new Linux distribution for PowerPC, based on Debian. This project has been started in November 2018. On the web page you will find gallery of the desktops (MATE + Materia) and also instruction how to install on X5000 (X1000) and SAM as well as list of software. One of the applications is Arctic Fox - web browser based on Pale Moon ("cleansed" Firefox), which was prepared for PowerPC.

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Syntax Error Retro Party in Katowice

We invite you to Katowice on Saturday, 6.4.2019 (address: Drzwi Zwane Koniem, Warszawska 37, Katowice) for Syntax Error Retro Party, which is organized by editors of Komoda & Amiga + magazine. Details will be available here, on the page of event. This event is under the patronage of eXec.pl.

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Simple SMBFS GUI 0.9

Sinan Gurkan prepared GUI for Amiga Samba, it means for SMBFS of Olaf Barthel. In this program you can set user, password, server and available disk space, which is shared. Configuration is writen in ENV: and ENVARC:. Program uses standard system solution "Notifications" for Workbench notifications. Author made tests on X5000 and A1222.

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December's games: Friking Shark, Prototype, Pingus and others
December's games: Friking Shark, Prototype, Pingus and others

In December 2018 we received several ports of games, which we didn't mention, but they are worth to play. The game Friking Shark is a remake of Flying Shark - shooter made in 80s, which had version also for Amiga. The new version uses Warp3d Nova i and it is looks quite nice. The second game also has some "roots" - Prototype (uses new Warp) and it's very similar to famous RType.

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Photos from Amiga Ireland 2019

I prepared especially for you a gallery of photos made during Amiga Ireland party, which took a place 18-19th of January 2019 in hotel "The Prince of Wales" in Athlone. You will also find video material with speach of David Pleasance and Trevor Dickinson.

See the video »

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UAE4All2 1.90 for Nintendo Switch

As we can read in amiga-news service, in November 2018 new version of UAE4All2 emulator, which is available here prepared for Nintendo Switch console. Currenty we have version 1.90. The issue is, that only models bought after summer 2018 could handle this emulator (in previous versions there was no possibility to change some settings)

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Amiberry v2.24

New version of the best Amiga emulator for Raspberry Pi, Amiberry, has been released today. Version 2.24 contains number of fixes and changes - details you can find here. Update in Amibian is currently not possible (due to differences in structure), but it is planned to be fixed in newest version.

See the video »

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Amiga themes for Firefox

Web browser Firefox, which is no longer #1 on the market, is still developed (current version is 64.0.2). Those of you, who still use it, could be interested in 4 themes created in 2013 by Martin 'Mason' Merz (he is responsible for icons in AmigaOS and AISS package), which are available here in addons for Firefox. One of themes contain logo of Timberwolf, unfinished port of Firefox for AmigaOS.

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Elite game available for free

On Ian Bell's webpage you can download famous Elite game for free - it is precursor of Amiga hit "Frontier: Elite II". Just to remind - it is space simulator, but there are also arcade and trade accents. On the webpage you could find also lots of different materials, like docs and part of source code.

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YT 1.9

YT is aARexx script, which allows to connect to YouTube link to play video materials using MPlayer or FFPlay. Script could be used also in browsers Odyssey, IBrowse, AWeb, NetSurf, and also program eNewsReader.

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C64 Power offers also equipement for Amiga

Company C64 Power, besides equipement for C64, offers also things for classic Amiga - power supllies for A500/600/1200 and CD32, as well as DB9 adapter for USB (you can use it with Amiga One or Raspberry Pi). All interested should contact directly with Rafał Szyja by FB.

Added: 2019-01-13 23:50, Posted by: mp, Category: Hardware Comments »

Author: Rafał Szyja

X5000 Blog - VICE

There is new entry on Amiga One X5000 blog (with number of pictures and video materials) about emulation of Commodore 64 using program VICE: offers a good opportunity to check out some fantastic games which have been released for the platform over the past few years.

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RedPill 0.6.9

Game creator (alternative to Backbone) named "RedPill' (written in AmiBlitz2) is available now in version 0.6.9 - all changes are described in Facebook's page of this project. In the newest version you will find possibility of splitting sprites, what you can see on this video.

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