2018-12-15 01:32

AmiQuake 1.21

New version of AmiQuake, number 1.21, is available for classic Amiga with AGA chipset. This is engine, which allows to launch Quake game. Mouse interpolation is now enabled by default (console command 'm_filter'). Free mouse look is now enabled by default (console command '+mlook'). The maximum number of particles that can be used is now configurable (console command 'r_maxparticles'), this can be from as low as 8 particles up to a maximum of 2048 particles.

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Flare 1.09

Flare 1.09 (released 9.12.2018) is now available for download. It is RPG engine and it is shortcut for Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine. Here you can get Flare. What's new? Interface has been improves, there are new options connected with mouse moves and we have first elements of alchemy in the game. Full release note you can find here, on official website of project.

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Tiger Claw
Tiger Claw

Tiger Claw is a game based on old 8-bit hit Bruce Lee. Initially it was available for Commodore C64 and currently we have Amiga 500 version to purchase in digital, as well as box version (on CD there is also version for CD32). Purpose of this game is to taken back 4 mistic scrolls, but you should use your advance fight skills to complete this mission. Good luck!

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Power Glove for Amiga has been released
Power Glove for Amiga has been released

"Power Glove Reloaded" is a new game for Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM and it is well known from C-64 version. You can purchase game both in digital version, as well as exclusive big box. We received improved graphics (included C64 mode), great music, 6 huge maps and i 4 powerfull bosses. Have a good fun!

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"The Chaos Engine" mod for Doom

Yesterday we had opportunity to celebrate 25 years of Doom. In ZDoom forum we can find new mod for Doom, which brings The Chaos Engine from classic Amiga into Doom's world. The project has been tested by AmigaBill (from The Guru Meditation channel). Currently we have ready: two levels, three characters and three special powers.

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AmUX (ex Amiga X)

Amiga X team had to change their plans due to legal issues. Instead new cumputer, authors will focus on the software, known as AmUX (available for PC, Mac and Linux). More info on FB page.

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amiganews.exec.pl also in social media

Due to start of amiganews.exec.pl project (service with news from eXec.pl in English), we launched also new accounts on social media portals: Twitter and Facebook. We invite everybody, who wants to follow our news. Polish accounts TT and FB are still the same.

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Test of Sega Mega Drive emulator

On the AmigaOne X5000 blog you can read test of Sega Mega Drive emulator DGen: it is worth noting that many of the standout Mega Drive titles like FIFA, Road Rash or Street Fighter 2 were pretty poor efforts when they finally ended up on the Amiga and in contrast many of the top Amiga titles of the same period like Lotus, Chaos Engine, Shadow of The Best and Speedball were not as good on the Mega Drive.

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AmiKit - announcement

Thanks to Jan Zahurancik we received the latest version of AmiKit package, version 10.2. Work is in progress, so please expect overview in amiganews.eXec.pl quite soon

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WinUAE 4.1.0

New version 4.1.0 of WinUAE, the best Amiga emulator on Windows, has been released. You can download program and find list of changes here. New emulated hardware: CSA Twelwe Gauge (A1200 accelerator) and AccessX/Acetec IDE controller, important change - 68030 MMU emulation compatibility improved.

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Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 (kas1e's test)

In amigans.net forum kas1e showed how he has been testing new hardware, Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2, which is used to catch video signal. Purpose of this action was to making as most professional redords from Amiga One/AmigaOS 4 as it is possible. Please take a look at this video and judge yourself if the quality is ok and price for hardware is acceptable.

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FlowerPot - overview

In Amiga Guru blog we can read about FlowerPot solution. Goblin wrote: I have personally been a long-time AmigaForever user, but this enviroment (although a top-notch product) is based on 'old systems' (up to AmigaOS 3.9), while what I seek is an AmigaOS4 experience. Luckily, a great coder named Ján Zahurančík, already 'responsible' for the outstanding Amikit, has now produced FlowerPot, a complete installation of the latest AmigaOS4.1FE (Final Edition).

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Amibian.js - what, why and how

Jon Aasenden, chief of Amibian.js, based on big number of questions regarding this project, decided to describe it's details. His text you can find here .

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AmigaAMP 3.23 - correction version

There is new version of the music player AmigaAMP for AmigaOS 4 and 3.9 systems. It is available here. In version 3.23 we will find mainly bug fixes (messages from application.library, scanning of skins and addons, cleaning the playlist and brackets in the names of files) as well as handling of COMM field (comments) in ID3v2 tags.

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Friend OS - first overview

Marcin "Piana" Pianka described his first contact with Friend OS, which has Amiga roots (unofficially, of course) I bear in mind, that this is long-term project and there are plans for next several years, but we received public version, so Norwegian company wants to show us something.

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TAWS - journey from AmigaOS 1.0 to 4.1 FE

Text describes web page, where you can take a look how works (or have been working) Workbench under different versions of AmigaOS. Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka.

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TAWS 0.30
TAWS 0.30

TAWS means The Amiga Workbench Simulation and version 0.30 has been released. Project is taken by Michael Rupp and it shows us (using web technologies) Workbench in web browser. There are AmigaOS versions from 1.0 up to newest! You can find TAWS project here: www.taws.ch. Review of TAWS will be here soon, but for this moment please take a look at change log:

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Author: Marcin "Piana" Pianka

AQUABYSS - video trailer

It took more than three years of hard work, but finally Aged Code studio presents incoming game AQUABYSS for our special Amiga computers. It is a real milestone for the studio. We hope to give you a very special kind of game. More info soon, but for this moment please take a look at trailer.

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Author: Aged Code Studio

The Haujobb Amiga Framework

In GitHub service there are new source codes of The Haujobb framework, which was discussed during presentation "Modern Amiga Demo Cross-Development". This is solution, which allows to create demoscene productions on PC using modern IDE with cross compilation for Amiga 68k computers. Full documentation you can find here. The presentation (mentioned before) you can see here:

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A1208 - memory extension for A1200

In RetroAmi webshop you can purchase new memory extension for Amiga 1200 up to 8MB Fast. A1208 allows work in "PCMCIA firendy" mode using special settings of jumpers. In this case 4MB Fast is available and also possibility of using PCMCIA equipement. A1208 is produced by Archi-Tech. Cards will be send on the beginning of January 2019.

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amigaremix.com - new mp3

There are new mp3 files on webpage AmigaRemix. They contain remixes of music from AMiga games. Please take a look at these propositions and enjoy listening of music from Oil Imperium game:

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smbfs 2.1

After two years of work Olaf Barthel released new version of Amiga SMB client. This protocol is used by Samba and Microsoft Windows to share files and printers. Support for Unicode has been added as well as handling of big files (> 4 GB) and retrieving of lost connections with data server. Number of bugs have been fixed. Tool is available both in PPC i 68k versions.

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Game Heroes of Gorluth has been released

Action/RPG game (made using Backbone) Heroes of Gorluth (successor of Tales of Gorluth) is send to customers on CD version. You can still purchase - it costs 19,99 euro. Minimal requirements: Amiga CD32 or ECS with 2 MB RAM.

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AmiCygnix 1.4
AmiCygnix 1.4

AmiCygnix is a Unix environment for AmigaOS 4. It is not a kind of emulation - all programs are full native. AmiCygnix offers only some things like the typical Unix path tree and a Unix like data structure.

Programs use libraries X-Server and X11. Some necessary tool-kits GUI have been moved from Unix system.

In new version, number 1.4, we will find:

  • fixed graphic drivers, which allow to use new Radeon HD cards,
  • driver "picasso96clonewbdb" has been fixed. It stopped to work just after Update 1 release, but currently it works using 32 bit screens (in fact data processing still uses 16 bits),
  • print command "lpr" could use now Amiga drivers package TurboPrint,
  • SSL by OpenSSL and GnuTLS has been updated, as well as certificates,
  • in package of programs, attached to AmiCygnix, you will find for example NetSurf web browser with OpenSSl 1.01o and current version of pic browser GPicView.

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Siamese System

Siamese is software/hardware solution, which allows Amiga and PC computer (Windows 95/98/NT4) to share keyboard, mouse and monitor. Beside this, Amiga has access to PC drives (including mapped network disks) and is able to run programs Windows under AmigaDOS or ARexx (both systems has common text clipboard). Czesław Mnich prepared gallery, where you can see this product, which was make by British company HiQ in 1996.

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Micromys V5

Individual Computers prepared the fifth version of PS/2 adapter for mouse (and also for trackball, joystick or "Koala Pad"). It can be used for classic Amiga, but also for Atari ST/Falcon and Commodore 64. Even more - we can connect such adapter for other machines, like 8-bit Atari and Commodore VC-20. Price of the product is about 30 or 34 euro (depends on type of DB9 connector).

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"Amiga 34" confirmed

Markus Tillmann, promoter of events "Amiga 30" and "Amiga 32", has confirmed, that he will organize next meeting in 2019. Amiga 34 event will be organized in Neuss (Germany). It will take place in 12 and 13-th of October 2019.

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Amiga User 5/2018
Amiga User 5/2018

Amiga User is the paper magazine published by Adam Zalepa. This journal is prepared for all Amiga users, both classic and NG, as well as for fans of demoscene, games and emulation.

Fifth number has been released and it is available here. It cost 10 euro plus shipping (e-book version included in this price).

In current number you will find:

  • detailed review of AmigaOS 3.1.4,
  • text about SASI and SCSI,
  • which firmware is the best for Gotek,
  • descriptions of Amiga games,
  • and many more.

Magazine is available in paper version. 90 full colour pages.

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SketchBlock Pro 3.1
SketchBlock Pro 3.1

Andy Broad has updated his program for sketching SketchBlock. This application allows to create graphics in high resolution using HDR (High Dynamic Range). In version 3.1 tools for manual sketching were optimized, as well as functions responsible for image processing.

Current features of program:

  • over 100 high quality brushes,
  • sensitive painting/sketching,
  • full support for tablet,
  • basic graphic operations: podstawowe operacje na grafice: scale, rotate, convolution, bilateral filtering, alpha masking, upgraded tools for work with text and perfect antialiasing,
  • possibility to use extended memory (introducing within AmigaOS 4.1 FE) and work with graphics, which are larger than 2GB RAM, disk based paging,
  • support of different types of files

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AMIcast SE 8 - amiganews.exec.pl

AMIcast, English podcast of Radzik, is back! Main editor Krzysztof "Radzik" Radzikowski together with Marcin "Piana" Pianka discuss about amiganews.exec.pl, new project of Exec.pl. This podcast will be part of this project and connected with eXec EN. Current episode is kind of introduction to our new project. Enjoy your listening!

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Komoda & Amiga plus - number #11

W eleventh number of Komoda & Amiga plus magazine you will find: history of Sensible Software, review of games: Dark Seed, Aquaria and Warlords. There are also articles about EvenMore program and extension A604n. And of course lots of other texts for Commodore and Amiga fans. You can buy this magazine both in English for 5 euro (Polish version costs 20 zł) plus shipping cost. It will be available for download soon, but please support them by purchasing magazine.

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Adapter PCMCIA - KA02

KA02 is the newest product for classic Amiga from RastPort company. It is external PCMCIA adapter for Amiga 1200 (standard case). This adapter occurs, that PCMCIA card is located vertically, next to the left side of Amiga. Such solution takes less place in your desk and Ethernet cable is located in the rear of Amiga. Some photos of this adapter are available on producer's side. KA02 is available in black and white versions.

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HstWB Installer 1.2.0

HstWB to a script tool in Powershell (Windows) and AmigaDOS functionality, which can install AmigaOS 3.1 or 3.9 with add-ons, which we need: Boing Bags, selected Kickstart, additional packages like BetterWB, ClassicWB, EAB WHDload, Picasso96 and favourite version of WinUAE. Installation version is finally available in stable version (1.2.0) here.

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Blog: Mark Dastmalchi-Round

Mark Dastmalchi-Round is sysadmin (Unix). He is also sound engineer and plays bass guitar. He is also great fan of Amiga computers and just bought AmigaOne X5000. On his blog he described how to emulate classic Amiga on AmigaOS 4. He also took a look at FUSE (ZX Spectrum emulator) and new in AmigaOS SOBJS (files .so) and how to create assigns.

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AmigaOS 4 for a weekend
AmigaOS 4 for a weekend

Adam Mierzwa, knows mainly as author of AmigaOne blog and Amiga NG magazine, released his first book "AmigaOS4 for a weekend". Book is available only as e-book and costs 40 zł. What Adam wrote about his book?

This is kind of supplement for Krzysztof Radzikowski's book AmigaOS 4.1 every day. Krzysztof focused mainly on installation, Extras software, AMIStore shop and production usage of computer. His idea was to shown how to use Amiga NG nowadays, even using cloud solutions.

I show elementary of Workbench and AmigaOS, even such points like moving of icons and games. Just Amiga for a weekend. So books don't cover the same area.

Book is available in Polish version only.

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Retro ready - new Amiga online shop

Retro Ready is new Amiga online shop, located in Great Britain. It focuses mainly on distribution and promotion such producers like Ami-tech and Rastport. Shop offers accessories for Amiga 600 and 1200: PCMCIA ethernet cards, WIFI WPA2/AE, interfaces CF2IDE, IDE2SD, PCMCIA-CF/SD. Number of items still growing.

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Author: Sir_Lucas

RetroKomp 2018: new games for classic Amiga
RetroKomp 2018: new games for classic Amiga

During RetroKomp 2018 there was "gamedev" competition. Games for Amiga did not win the whole contest (first place was occupied by C64 game), but number of such production was biggest. Please find these games - from position 11 to 2:

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Troubles with OS 3.1.4

Hyperion has lots of issues just after release of AmigaOS 3.1.4. First steps were pretty fine - customers received set of Mason's icons and wallpapers. Next they informed about percentage of sales per country (biggest market - Germany, Poland - 4%). And then - Amiga Inc is back in the game!

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