2019-05-19 16:25

AmiKit XE
AmiKit XE

AmiKit. We don't have to introduce this package. Half year ago we described version 10.5. Yesterday (10.5.2019) the new version AmiKit XE (it means 11) has been released. Thanks to Jan Zahurancik we had opportunity to check it before official premiere. Let's take a look what is inside.

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AmiKit - the mysterious information

On the webpage of AmiKit company we could find the misteroius information, that "a storm is coming". Whole details, based on profile on Facebook, will be showed on Friday, 10.5.2019. We will inform you about details. Maybe we will even present you a short overview?

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SDL 1 and 2 in fixing process

SDL libraries 1.2.15 i 2.0.9 for Amiga are currently in progress of updating and fixing. Versions RC2 are available on GitHub. Due to Picasso96 limitations, both SDL versions for AmigaOS 4.1 are not able to use gamma functions for graphic and work in overlay mode.

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Interview with Cloanto's boss - Mike Battilana answers on many questions
Interview with Cloanto's boss - Mike Battilana answers on many questions

On Stephen Jones' channel you could find interview with Mike Battilana, boss of Italian company Cloanto, which took over the copyrights of Amiga from Amiga Inc. The lenght of the film is over 2 hours. Lists of the questions and timeline you will find on amigaworld.net.

See the video »

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Nowadays Amiga software is very often available (especially in internet) as ADF (Amiga Disk Format) files. It is not a common way of working for number of users. Program GoADF! has been made to help them. GoADF! has user friendly GUI and possibility to handling four virtual floppy drives. Moreover, there is a possibility to overview a content of ADF file without saving into floppy disk.

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Author: vojo

Syntax Error Retro Party 2019 - the seccond gallery

6th of April 2019 in Katowice Syntax Error Retro Party party has took place. Here we are presenting the second part of photos from this event. Just want to mention, that eXec.pl was patron of the party. Enjoy the watching!

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River Raid Reloaded

River Raid game has been never released on Amiga, but currently we could play on new clones of this game. Just after Polish Bridge Strike, new clone River Raid Reloaded has been released. Author wrote, that he has no information about other game in progress. RRR should run on every classic Amiga - executable file has only 128 kb.

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TekMagic 040

Tekmagic 040 is a turbo card for Amiga 2000 produced by GVP ((Great Valley Products) in 1996. In the gallery we are presenting user's guide and version with 68040 processor. On the card you could see four standard SIMM slots and four 64-pins with GVP. There is also SCSI-II controller with 50-pins slot.

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Dan Wood and Ravi Abbott in Scene World

In 63-th episode of podcastScene World we could hear Dan Wood and Ravi Abbott. They have their own Retro Hour Podcast and YouTube channels, where you could find many infomation about Amiga.

Listen »

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Pixel Heaven 2019 without Trevor Dickinson
Pixel Heaven 2019 without Trevor Dickinson

In May (17-19) in Warsaw there will be next edition of Pixel Heaven. It is the biggest retro-party in Poland, You will find there exhibitions, presentations, discussions, competitions and also concert. All these attractions in Stara Zajezdnia Autobusowa (Old Bus Depot) - Wołościańska street, near Marymont metro station.

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Renegades Deluxe

Wayne Ashworth (author of graphics to game Scourge of the Underkind - still under construction) has released refreshed version of game Renegades Deluxe (ADF image) and has plans to release it as box version. This game is for free, but it will be good if you could support author and thank for his good job with even small amount of money. All details you could find on author's site.

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Author: AmigaIsDead

Zerosphere: Collector's Edition

Some time ago the game Zerosphere: Collector's Edition has been released in a box version for 25 euro, a budget edition for 15 euro and also as digital option for 5 euro. Comparing to free edition, a commercial one has new levels and opponents, possibility to save highscore and many fixes and improvements.

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Author: AmigaIsDead

25 years ago Commodore has bankrupted

25 years ago - 29th of Aprli 1994 Commodore company, which was responsible for release Amiga into market, has declared bankrupt.

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Syntax Error Retro Party 2019 - the first gallery

6th of April 2019 in Katowice Syntax Error Retro Party party has took place. Here you could see first part of pictures. Just want to mention, that eXec.pl was a patron of this event. Enjoy the viewing!

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Interview with M. Leaman - we are collecting questions

We would like to continue our investigation and check what is a current status and what will be with Amiga in the future. Just after interview with Trevor Dickinson, the next one is Matthew Leaman - co-funder of A-EON and owner of AmigaKit. If you have any questions to him, please add them in comments or send email to us. Deadline: 5-th of May 2019.

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Komoda & Amiga plus #12 - availabe for download

The 12-th issue of "Komoda & Amiga plus" magazine is available for download. There are English version and Polish version. The magazine is for free, but you could support editors by purchasing a paper version or just give any amount of money (option is available during downloading).

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Happy Easter!

Due to Easter, we would like to wish you lots of success and happiness. And also lots of Amiga fun!


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Amiga present and future: interview with Trevor Dickinson
Amiga present and future: interview with Trevor Dickinson

At the beginning of 2019, we collected a lot of difficult, specific questions (asked by various people) about the current situation and the future of the Amiga. We are now proud to introduce you to our interview with Trevor Dickinson. Enjoy reading!

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. - Theodore Roosevelt "The Man in the Arena".

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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division - update: version 1.6

From Hyperion's site you could download update of the game Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, version 1.6. Two errors were fixed: proper displaying of console in the game and handling of AHI (if other program was using the same unit (playing sounds), then the game could freeze during exiting).

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WinUAE 4.2.0
WinUAE 4.2.0

In version 4.2.0 WinUAE (Amiga emulator for PC/Windows) we could find some new features. For example support for uaegfx and Picasso IV Overlay/PIP, possibility to add custom ROMs (4 slots) and handling of Direct3D 9/11 shader. Bugfixes: CDTV CD drive read/play startup was delay. There are also some new hardware to emulate, for example sound card ACT Prelude and Prelude 1200.

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USA: court rejected two Cloanto's requests

American court has rejected two requests by Cloanto - the firsts was for deny of selling AmigaOS 3.1.4 system. The second was a try of involving new company "C-A Acquisition Corporation", which took over Amiga copyrights and trademarks from Amiga Inc, in this case.

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Linux SSL proxy for Amiga Classic

In Amiga News service you could find a short description how to configure a Linux hardware to work as a proxy for classic Amiga. Old hardware has not enough power to handle new SSL, which is prepared for AmiSSL 4. Small reminder - our special version klasyk.exec.pl is still available by HTTP, so all fans of IBrowse and AWeb are welcome there.

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SDK 1.4 for Roadshow

On Amiga Future there is available updated version of SDK for TCP/IP stock RoadShow. Updates are important for Amiga version of web browser NetSurf.

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hURL plugin for Hollywood 8.0

New plugin for Hollywood 8.0 hURL has been released. It supports many protocols of data transfer: DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, Gopher, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, LDAPS, POP3, POP3S, RTMP, RTSP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, SMBS, SMTP, SMTPS, Telnet and TFTP. You could use compilation for AmigaOS 4 and 3.x (AmiSSL 4 is required), but there are also versions for other operation systems: MorphOS, Linux, MacOS X, Android and Windows.

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amigaremix.com - new mp3 files

On web page AmigaRemix new mp3 files with remixes of music from Amiga games were published . Please take a look there and listen to music from the end of Apydia game:

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Interview with Trevor - we are still waiting

We would like to excuse you. An interview with Trevor Dickinson, which we announced three months ago, is still note ready yet. We didn't receive answer on our questions, even after several reminders. We don't want to hide fact, that questions were quite thought (no "retro kiss and hugs", but questions about present and future). We think, that this is a real journalism and fair play with our environment..

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Top secret movies of Polish Amiga Scene!

April Fools' Day has passed, but we have a surprise for you. Here we got a secret movie of Polish Amiga Scene, but... take it with a pinch of salt. Enjoy the watching!

See the video »

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Amibian 1.5 at the finish - show in Katowice

Work on Amibian (emulation package for Raspberry Pi) in version 1.5 are at the finish. The official release date has not been presented, but during next Saturday in Katowice (during Syntax Error Retro Party) Marcin "Piana" Pianka will present the latest beta version, which needs just a few bug fixes before final release. You are invited!

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Norwegian developer Stian Sreng owns project Apecat, which means "Amiga Processor Expansion Card for Application Transfer". It is an extension, which is located between main board and processor 68000 in Amiga 500. What is the goal? In this way data from other computer (for example PC lub RPi) could be send directly to Amiga memory. The main goal is to allow launching software on original Amiga without using floppy disks or hard disk. In fact Amiga, which I using for testing, is just a main board. It does not have even mouse or keyboard.

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Hyperion won battle for Workbench in EU

Cloanto company, which owns trademark for "Workbench" in USA, tried to register it also register in EU Intelectual Property Office. Hyperion, which is against this proposal, was faster in registration process then Cloanto. On 21th of March 2019 EUIPO refused proposal of Italian company and "Workbench" in EU is owned by Hyperion.

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Genesia for free

In Amiga Future's website you could download for free strategic game Genesia (Populous clone) made in 1993. These days it was one of the best games written using AMOS. The game is available in ADF/IPF or WHDLoad formats.

See the video »

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Bermuda Syndrome 0.1.7

Bermuda Syndrome is an engine, which allows to launch arcade-adventure game. We wrote about it in 2008. Since this time project has been updated several times. In the last version 0.1.7 you will find, among others, possibility to launch this game in widescreen mode (16:9). To start the game you need to have files from CD or DEMO version.

See the video »

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Amiga addons for Hollywood 8.0

Amiga part of Hollywood package is not develop nowadays, as it was before, but some new add-ons were released for version 8.0. There are: Player 8.0, newer SDK, add-on for Cubic IDE and updated doc (also in AmigaGuide format) both for developer and user. You could download it from official site of the program.

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SketchBlock 3.2

At thje end of February 2019 program SketchBlock 3.2 has been updated to version 3.2. New things: extended paint tool, extensions to the path editor and others. There alre also new ARexx commands. Update is available in Amistore.

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Bridge Strike
Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike is a arcade game made by Project R3D, which took second place in GameDev competition on RetroKomp in Gdańsk. Take a control over the fighter plane and become a hero! You are our last hope!

Game will be available in April 2019, but you could order it right now. Costs: 17 euro plus shipping (or 14 ero plus shipping - version without floppy disks and a poster). This edition includes:

  • CD with a game,
  • colored printed manual,
  • DVD box with coloured cover,
  • foil for box,
  • sticker 7 x 10 cm,
  • two stickers for floppies,
  • two DD floppy disks with the game,
  • coloured poster in A3 format.

See the video »

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Tabor - "premiere" at 22-th of March?

Yes, yes, yes! Tabor! Premiere! 22-th of March2019! In fact, this news is not about A1222 motherboard, but this is better than nothing. There will be premiere of new fil Ciemno, prawie noc (Dark, almost the night), where main hero here has name "Tabor" (Alicja Tabor). Disgusting, am I right? Just exactly like waiting and waiting for new motherboard, where AmigaOS 4.1 could be launched. If you would like to wait... still... then please fill form here: a1222.exec.pl and maybe you will receive new Amiga model in the next year? There will be 22-th of March 2019, so who knows...

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Hyperion has fired S. Soli

In the Amigans service we could read post of Steven Soli. We wrote, that he has been fired up as position of core developer by Hyperion in the AmigaOS developer team: This was not really unexpected given my lackluster performance and conflicts with the current management team of late. He has been also fired as developer (he is currently mentioned as "beta tester" in Hyperion forum: Also a huge thank you to all the developers, beta testers, translators, business partners, etc. that I have had the pleasure to work with as team lead. It was a pleasure.

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The Shadows of Sergoth - the first video

Conversion of "The Shadows of Sergoth" game on Amiga is in progress. It is RPG game in Dungeon Master style and port is making from Armstrad/Schneider CPC version using AMOS. Double Sided Games team is responsible for this conversion as also for 7 parts of "Black Dawn" series. Here you could see video.

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Soundtrack from Reshoot R game

Next version of shooter similar to R-Type - Reshoot R will be released soon. Currently soundtrack from this game is available (11 tracks) and you could purchase it here on CD. Cost: about 15 euro.

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Connect your Amiga joystick to PC

In German service amiga-news you could find description how to connect Amiga joystick to the modern PC by USB. Author, Martijn, used for this purpose controller Arduino (Pro Micro version). Similar solution is available in EAB forum.

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Scene World Podcast #60 - The Guru Meditation

In the Scene World podcast we could hear Bill Winters and Anthony Becker from vlog The Guru Meditiation. Enjoy the listening - the whole length is over 2 hours.

Listen »

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New owner of Amiga talks about the future

As you already know, Cloanto bought all Amiga trademarks and copyrights from company Amiga Inc. And now chief of Italian company, Mike Battilana, decided to tell us a few words about his plans. A short interview you could find in 24-th issue of vlog "10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast". Here you could find part of this interview:

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BestWB 1.1

BestWB is a set of unofficial improvements for AmigaOS 3.1.4 (in the same way like BetterWB for version 3.1). You will find there images of floppy disks in formats ADF and DMS. If you have Amiga without extensions, basic knowledge about system, or just have lack of time, then such package could be very useful for you. .

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Wet 6.7 with HTTPS

There is new version of weather application Wet. It communicates with servers using HTTPS protocol, so package AmiSSL 4 needs to be installed. In the archive you could find versions for OS4 and OS3.

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Learning assembly 68k: Exploring the Amiga 7 i 8

Leonardo Giordan publishes series of serię articles "Exploring the Amiga", which will allow you to start adventure with assembly programing on classic Amiga. In February next two parts were released: seventh (The complete Exec vector table, The memory list header, Adding free memory to the system list i AddMemList internals) and eight (Branching, Enqueue, Remove, AddLibrary, Manual decompilation).

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Personal Paint 7.3c
Personal Paint 7.3c

Personal Paint is a legendary Amiga application for painting ("pixelling"), image processing and for animations. You will find there simple effects and multi-level undo. It works on ECS/AGA and also on graphic cards and handles many file format (using datatypes). It contains nine brushes, two independent workbenches, story board window for animation, colorful fonts and 181 ARexx commands.

Program is available both for classic computers (AmigaOS 3.x, also on WinUAE) and AmigaOS 4 (there is version for PowerPC as well).

The newest version 7.3c brings new tool (polygon mode added to grab brush tool) and some fixes. Update is free for users of version 7.3. The others could purchase program (classic or PowerPC version) at AmiStore or at AmigaKit store.

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Amiga Future 137

In 137 issue (March-April 2019) of Amiga Future magazine you will find: review of games Trap Runner, Powerglove Reloaded i The Kiwi's Tale, as well as report from AmiWest and Amiga 34 party announcement and many others. Magazine is available in German and English versions. Price: 6,50 euro or 9,50 euro (version with CD).

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FlashFloppy 1.0

FlashFloppy is an alternative (open source) firmware for disk drive emulator Gotek. In version 1.0 (released one month ago) automatic changes of "floppy disks" has been added. Full change log, archive and source code you will find at GitHub.

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Memory expansion for the Amiga 600

At GitHub service available is project of 8MB memory extension for Amiga 600. "LVD" has projected it in 2008 and now it is available under GPL v3 licence.

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Interviews with scene people on Amiga Life service

On Amiga Life service new series of interviews 4pLaY with current and past scene people has begun. You could find interviews with Graeme Cowie, Cocy / Pure Metal Coders, Simone Bevilacqua i Zapper / Pure Metal Coders & Cartel.

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Author: Stefkos

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