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AmiKit for Raspberry Pi RC3

AmiKit for Raspberry Pi has achieved status RC3. It mans, that we can expect the final release very soon. Autor - Ján Zahurančík - already announced premiere for Marzec 2021. Requirements: Raspberry Pi version 4B or 400 and the package based on Manjaro and Amiberry. We would like to announce review of AmiKit for Rpi on the premiere day.

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New version of SysInfo

SysInfo is an application created in the early 90s for classic Amiga - it displays info about system, libraries and hardware. In 2012 version 4.0 has been released and since this time we receive next, improved versions. In this moment (28.1.2021) you could download version 4.5 beta 12.

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Amiga TV

Odtwarzaj wideo

Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021

Every day we present here a Amiga related video! If you have recorded something new, please contact us!

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narzedzia GoShell 1.1

GoShell is a free and easy tool to open terminal in full screen mode. users could also change fonts and colors. Author: Krzysztof Donat (program GoADF). Requirements: min. 3.0.

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MUIBase 4.3 and SQLite 3.34.0

MUIbase (Magic data BASE with User Interface) is a programmable (Lisp) database with graphics interface developed by Steffen Gutmann. Changes within version 4.3: saving data to new SQLite 3.34.0, possibility of saving logs to file, new fonts. Both versions for PPC and 68k are available.

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ksiazka From Vultures to Vampires in two part

David Pleasance and Trevor Dickinson works on a book about Amiga after Commodore's bancruppcy. They decided to divide the whole material between two parts - the first should be released in Q1 2021. Did you already bought it on Kickstarter? Then you could purchase the second part paying 50% of the price.


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How new gadget ToolBar was created

As you could read on Trixie's blog, the new ToolBar gadget (available together with ES package updates) is one of the most universal class within the whole AmigaOS4 BOOPSI.

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yam YAM with AmiSSL 4.7 (and on GitHub)

The email application YAM handles AmiSSL 4.7 in the latest versions. YAM's developer - Jens Maus - has moved it's source code to GitHub servers.

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amigaos41 New samples for Notification

Stefan Johansson has preparedthe package of 16 samples to be used within system notifications of AmigaOS 4.

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artykul Amiga Addict #2

Since 29-th of January the second issue of English Amiga magazine Amiga Addict is being sent to all customers. What's inside? Interview with Mike Dailly i Steve Hammond (DMA Design), 5 pages CD32/CDTV section and memory of Dave Needle - developer who died five years ago. Cost - ca. 5 euro + shipping.

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jojo073 part 3

Please take a look at third part of graphics made by Spanish author jojo073. The selection has been done by Czesław Mnich,

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narzedzia MCAmiga 0.9

Marcus "ALB42" Sackrow develops his file manager MCAmiga, which is two-windows program, inspired by Norton and Midnight Commander. This program could be handled using only keyboard. Minimal requirements: 4MB RAM and AmigaOS 3.x.

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Buffee and PiStorm
Buffee and PiStorm

Claude Schwarz works on PiStorm - this is hardware solution, which allows connect Raspberry Pi to processor socket within A500, A1000 or A2000 and (using Linux) emulate 68k. Buffee will be similar solution, but without using RPi - only dedicated SoC will be used.

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AmiMarkdown 1.1

Markdown is a simple markup language to create formatted text. It is used by developers to create docs, which is available together with source code in repository. Such files could be converted to HTML. On Aminet you could found the new program AmiMarkdown, which allows to create, read, and convert such files.

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gry Games: Campaign and Campaign II free to download

The war strategic games made by Empire Software in 1992 and 1994: Campaign and Campaign II are available to free download from Amiga Future service as ADF, IPF and WHDLoad files.

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ksiazka The story of the Commodore Amiga in Pixels for free

The story of the Commodore Amiga in Pixels_ is available to free download (as PDF file) on Fusion Retro Books website. You have to login and "buy" this book - we will receive 459 MB file to download.

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oprogramowanie New virus: "Game Over"

In December 2020 (sensation!) a new virus has appeared. Game Over was found in ADF file named "Appel Catcher". this virus infects his code in different places in the system and doesn't overwrite data.

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scena Demoscene: Jurassic Pack 18, Dreams 34 and other productions

During last time (2020/2021) we received a few interesting demoscene productions: #18 issue (14 years pause!) disk magazine Jurassic Pack, musicdisk Fanatic2K Retro City, The Future Sound and Absolute Dolle 3 and number 34 of Dreams demopack.


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Basilisk II 1.0.8
Basilisk II 1.0.8

Basilisk II is a multi-platform emulator of classic Mac, written by Christian Bauer (author of ShapeShifter). AmigaOS 4.1 version is developed by Kjetil Hvalstrand and he released in December 2020 the new version 1.0.8.

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narzedzia Snoopy 54.107

The monitor system Snoopy has been released (just after AmigaOS 4.1 FE upgrade) in version 54.107 to be compatible with API dos.library. Colin Wenzel is author of this tool.

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The Amiga Show Episode 2 i 3

The Amiga Show channel has released two new episodes: "02" covers year 1985, program Textcraft, Amiga World magazine and games "Monkey Business" and "Wiz". The "03" episode contains jojo graphics, magazines released in 1986, ABasic and games "Mind Shadow" and "Magica".

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vAmiga is a Amiga emulator for macOS. Dirk Hoffmann is it's author and program is developed since 2019. We can emulate OCS/ECS computers: A500, A1000 and A2000. Here you could find the newest version, compatible with the latest version of MacOS and the newest computers using ARM processors.

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redpill RedPill 0.8.5

RedPill is package created by Carlos Peris to write games for classic Amiga. this creator is compatible with AGA and ECS chipsets and his player requires 2 MB Fast RAM. Version 0.8.5 has been released to improve compatibility with ApolloOS/AROS.

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hollywood Hollywood - update of plugins: Polybios 1.3 and hURL 1.1

Airsoft Softwair has updated two plugins for Hollywood: Polybios (read and write PDF docs) - it could now import files to "Designer" a hURL (data transfer) supports SFTP i SCP protocols.

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amiga500 Paper model of Amiga 500

From Rocky Bergen site you could download paper model of Amiga 500 (PDF file) to print and assemble, together with monitor and mouse.

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amigainc "Famous Amiga Uses" database is updated

Famous Amiga Uses is a doc (in two formats: AmigaGuide, and HTML), which contains info about famous uses of Amiga in the whole world. This base is 30 years old and last time it has been updated 9.1.2021.

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FinalBurn Neo R1
FinalBurn Neo R1

FinalBurn Neo is a arcade games emulator. The new version ("neo") is based on FinalBurn emulator and the older versions of MAME.

AmigaOS 4.1 FBN has been ported by HunoPPC (current version R1, progress = 60%). It requires LibBoostyGfx 2.0.1. Publick serial key is available on his webpage - you could there also support his work.

List of supported platforms: Capcom, Konami, Neo-Geo, Namco, Sega Megadrive, SNES, NES and Sinclair Spectrum.

The list of supported games you could find in gamelist.txt file. Joypads are handled by HunoJoyWrapper.

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oprogramowanie FUPPES 0.677.1b

FUPPES is a free multimedia server (you can stream files from Amiga to uPNP devices), which handles formats: ogg/vorbis, musepack/mpc, FLAC and AAC/MP4, mp3, mp2, wav or pcm, AmigaOS 4 port made by Krzysztof "SOVA" Sowiński.

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jojo073 part 2

Here you have the second part of gallery contains graphics made by Spanish author jojo073. The selection has been done by Czesław Mnich,

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sprzet Touch Device 0.10

Alfredo Amendolagine has updated drivers for touch screens - it contains API, program preferences, USB drivers for eGalax, ITM and WaveShare screens and mouse emulator. The list of compatible monitors you could find on project's webpage.

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ACube Systems: UBoot 1.3.1g and limited Sam460cr

Italian company ACube Systems has surprised all of us in December 2020 by releasing the new version of UBoot for Sam440ep/Sam440ep-Flex and informed about availability in January 2021 Sam460cr boards in a set with AmigaOS 4.1FE and games Gorky17, Descent Freespace, The Secret of Middle City and BOH. Price: 489 euro.

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Emotion 1.9
Emotion 1.9

Did you buy media player Emotion in AMistore, then you could update this program to version 1.9. It support hardware media accelerate. To have a fun with FullHD and 4K movies we have to wait for the new drivers for Radeon graphic cards (w V2 of Enhancer Software package).

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Trixie presents editor of samples "Rave"

Trixie on his blog Rear Window described history of his Amiga development projects. he works on Enhancer Software and presented first pictures of the new project - editor of samples Rave.

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ZitaFTP Server 1.17

FTP server "Zita" (by Hans de Ruiter) is still under development. We received version 1.16 and 1.17. The most important change - possibility to configure server by WebAdmin, so it allows to local or remote administration. Price of this program: starting from 47 euro.

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AGABlaster 0.9.82

AGABlaster is CDXL movies player (written using assembler). New version 0.9.82 alpha has been released. It handles 12-bit movies AGA6-8 and HAM8 (used in games in the late 90s).You could find optimized versions for 68000, 68020, 68060, 68080. Some new functions require agaconv 0.9.6.

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gry Luca Carminati - game collection for free

Luca Carminati has shared Amiga Games Pack - his Amiga games created in years 1995-1998. Inside you could find: "Kangy" and "HyperViper", "Croins" (Asteroids clone), "Marietto" (Pang) and ski game "Slalom Speciale".


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amiga600 NF6055 - additional RAM for A600

On Retro Ready webpage you could purchase a simple 5,5 MB Fast memory extension for Amiga 600. What is important, NF6055 doesn't block PCMCIA port. Cost: 45 euro + shipping.

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Wilcza Buda

After one year of development work we received demo of the Amiga game "Wilcza Buda" ("Wolfhouse"). In this project were involved Paweł "City" Mielewczyk (code, engine and graphics) and Marek "Marecheck" Koprjaniuk (scripts, dialogues and photos). There is a possibility to get a full version in the future - you have to just finish the demo version and regsiter (using code achieved in the game) on the page wilczabuda.pl. There is available demo, of course. More info about this project: Youtube: Marecheck and polishretrochannel and on FB.

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Author: Marek Koprjaniuk

jojo073 - part 1

Please take a look at graphics of Spanish author jojo073. Czesław Mnich has chosen his 30 best graphics. Here are the first ten. Please follow jojo073 on Twitter.

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Vampire 4+
Vampire 4+

Apollo Computer has updated they internet shop (nowadays it works also with Amiga browsers). Currently all offer is connected with Vampire v4+ Standalone (512 MB RAM, aluminum case and ApollOS system on CF 128GB card. Price: 599 euro.

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Photos of prtotypes: Warp 3060/4060 and CDTV-60

We prepared for you gallery of photos with prototypes of cars Warp 3060/4060 and CDTV-60. They are taken form CS-Lab profile on Facebook and Warp 3060/4060 unofficial webpage

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gry Heart of Darkness - 68k version

HODE engine, which allows to play Heart of Darkness game (made by Eric Chahi), has been also compiled by Arti also for 68k. Requirements: 060 + graphics card (Vampire will be the best).

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Second update for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition (including hotfix)
Second update for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition (including hotfix)

23.12.2020 Hyperion Entertainment has released (after four years of waiting) the second update of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition system. yesterday the new hotfix has appeared for this update. The most important changes: the new kernel, lots of new versions of system libraries, handlers and GUI ReAction classes. There are also new apps: DiskDoctor, SataControl, appdir-handler and ssh2-handler.

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Amiga Addict
Amiga Addict

Amiga Addict is the new British Amiga magazine. In the first issue (54 pages) you will find f.e. interviews with Dave Haynie, Cloanto's boss, AmigaBill and Kim Justice as well CF card manual, Raspberry Pi as A600 and Page Stream review.

Cost: 5 euro + shipping

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Bitronic instead amiga.net.pl

Adam Zalepa's publishing house has changed it's name to Bitronic (previously it was amiga.net.pl).

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AmiModRadio v0.9999

The new version of AmiModRadio player (0.9999) has been released 7.12.2020. Inside this package we will find FTP client, XAD client, ARexx scripts and MUI interface. It allows to download, unpack and play music from different Amiga archives, including Aminet (there is about 20 thousands of such modules). You could download program from BitBucket servers.

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UHCTools is a set of scripts and network tools created by Patrik Axelsson and David Eriksson. It allows easy and fast access to network resources (including Aminet), software, games and demoscene productions. This package contains also CLI commands and i Synergy clients. The latest version has been released 28.11.2020.

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audio Bassoon Tracker

If you have a modern web browser (Amiga versions could have some problems) then feel free to use music tracker online. You could listen and create music modules. Bassoon Tracker has been created using JS. MOD and XM are handled (you could also export music to WAV or MP3 files).

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Happy New Year!

All the best within 2021

editors of eXec.pl

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audio XTD: "Escape" album is already finished

XTD announced: just after long time I already finished (even within 2020) the whole content of my new album Escape. It is available for everybody (supportrets could also download lossless version with big cover).


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Christmas wishes

Merry Christmas
and all of the best in your life.

eXec.pl editors

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Komoda & Amiga plus #17
Komoda & Amiga plus #17

The 17th issue of "Komoda & Amiga +" magazine has been released. What's inside? As usual, lots of various texts, reviews and interviews. You could purchase it here.

Amiga section:

  • Gallery: Amiga ASCII Art
  • LucasArts legacy on Amiga
  • Fred`s Journey
  • Tapper
  • Smarty and The Nasty Gluttons
  • Fire Force
  • Console Zone: Point & Click Adventure Games Collection

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A2088XT and PC Task

A2088XT is a extension card by Commodore (1986) for Amiga with Zorro II slots. It is a hardware emulator of IBM XT with 8088 processor (4.77 MHz) and 512 kB RAM. In our gallery we are present together with PC Task. You could see possibilities of this solution (PC Task 2.0 has been made in 90s).

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XTD announced his new album "Escape"
XTD announced his new album "Escape"

Probably within 2020 a new album "Escape" by XTD will be released. At this moment the last song is being finishing. Here we could see what will be included in this album: xtdmusic.

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Author: XTD

Astro Blox Revisited
Astro Blox Revisited

Astro Blox Revisited is a Sokoban style game with some new logic elements. This game has been resented during GAME DEV competition on DECRUNCH 2020 (took 1-st place). Finally we have 34 different levels. The game works on every classic Amiga within 512kb CHIP RAM (pure A500).

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Author: Juen

Blog "Rear Window" and new demo by Vectors

Trixie (Czech group Vectors), owner of Amigi One, has started his blog Rear Window, where he described meeting with his demoscene colleagues. He mention that (after 20 years!) he started to crate music on for A500 demo. He used MilkyTracker (AmigaOS 4) for this purpose. Such demo Mindsurfin' has been released in October 2020. Below you could see it.

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ES Core v1.1 and Amiga Developer Blog
ES Core v1.1 and Amiga Developer Blog

A-EON Technology Ltd has released additional software for OS4 - Enhancer Software Core 1.1, which is available for free here (registration is needed). The original 1.1 ES has been released in 2016. In the meantime Amiga Developer Blog is launched. It looks like actions provided based on critic voices regarding lack of actions by A-EON.

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gry NEONworld

NEONworld is a set of different 16-colours graphics, which could be used within games creators (like RedPill or Backbone). Kevin Saunders is an author and you could support his work by Patreon. These graphics could be use anywhere, but there is one condition - the game has to be free.

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What's going on with A1222 Plus and AAA package?

On Polish (and not only) Amiga forums people asks what is going on with A1222 Plus mothetboard i AAA package? We receive answer on amiga.org, here AmigaKit answered on these questions: A-EON is currently stalled on the prototype stage of the new v1.3 design of the A1222 Plus. This hopefully will be resolved soon as there is some additional help enlisted to get this over the line. Just working through the mundane NDA/legal stuff. Regarding the AAA Bundle: for some time you can download the software, in the next week you will also be able to download the Viva Amiga movie from the Amisphere server. The digital download of this movie is part of the AAA Bundle.

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Jay Miner on AmiExpo East Coast 1990
Jay Miner on AmiExpo East Coast 1990

Bill Winters ("Guru Meditation") has found in his father's garage the old audio records, which contain a speech of Jay Miner during z "AmiExpo East Coast 1990" in Washington (USA). The "Amiga Father" told about history, about relationships with Commodore and ideas for the future. On the end we have a serie of questions.

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Amiga Power - The Album With Attitude
Amiga Power - The Album With Attitude

Amiga Power - The Album With Attitude is a double CDs with remixes of Amiga music form the games. We receive also a book (100 pages) describing all of 35 games. A production has been funded on Kickstart by producer, author and designer Matthew Smith. Price: 32 euro.

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AMOS Pro AGA (alfa 0.200911)
AMOS Pro AGA (alfa 0.200911)

Frédéric Cordier has prepared the first, unofficial AGA version of BASIC AMOS Professional. The project is based on the original source code of AMOS Professional Official (released as a free in April 2020 by François Lionet.

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internet Roadshow 1.14

There is a new version (1.14) of TCP/IP stack Roadshow. Number of errors have been fixed, we have a better performance and some new functionalities (for example Remote Shell handling and new shell server) for CLI commands. We could download this version from amigashop.org.

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amikit AmiKit 11.4

All users of AmiKit XE package are able to update (for free) to version 11.4.0 using Live Update. Inside: Hydra Castle Labirynth game (port - Artur Jarosik) and module player Infinite Module Player 1.05 (author - Paweł Nowak).

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iGame 2.0b6

iGame is an interface, which allows to launch WHDLoad games. This app could search HDD to find games - we just assign category and screenshot. There are version both for AmigaOS 68k and PPC (4.x).

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gcc AmiBlitz 3.8.0

Blitz Basic' developer environment - AmiBlitz has been released in new version otrzymało. Main changes are connected with better compatibility of code with Kickstart 1.x and processor 68000. Some changes are dedicated to systems 2.1 and 2.04 with locale.library.

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Hollywood Designer 5.0 Special Edition

Hollywood Designer 5.0 SE is exactly the same like a standard version but here we get it with special version of Hollywood 8.0, which could be used only with Designer. So you could purchase package Hollywood Designer 5.0 and Hollywood 8.0 at lower price - 89 euro.

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ZGloom 0.3.0

In OS4Depot we could find re-implementation ZGloom (SDL2), which is engine of Amigaj FPS: Gloom. We have a circle of life: Amiga -> PC -> Amiga. It's a pity, that engine version 0.3.0 has lots of missing functionalities - you could read about it on project's side.

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Small version of Checkmate 1500 Plus
Small version of Checkmate 1500 Plus

Stephen Jones, creator of Checkmate 1500 Plus (inspired by A3000), plans to create a small version for Mini-ITX main boards. We have now just preview of this case. The whole project will be probably founded by Kickstart. Please take a look at attached video.

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hyperion Hyperion withdraws opposition against registration of US trademark 'Amiga'?

As we could read in amiga-news.de: In the last few days, new filings have been submitted: Hyperion's lawyer is informing the USPTO that his client is withdrawing its opposition against Cloanto's registration of the 'Amiga' mark. Hyperion's attempt to register the BoingBall logo has been abandoned this week as well.

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Scene graphics 2020

We prepared for you some scene graphics made in 2020.

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