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gry Bridge Strike 1.1 Comments »

Project R3D group has shared on PPA a new version (1.1) of Bridge Strike game.

The 15-th issue of "Komoda & Amiga +" magazine

The 15-th issue of "Komoda & Amiga +" has been released. This magazine is available for purchase in two language versions: : Polish (25 zł or 7 zł for a digital version) and English (8 euro or 1.5 euro for a digital version). What's inside? For example descriptions of games: Pumpkid, Timezone, Rygar AGA, Captive, reviews: AmigaOne x5000, Raycasting on VIC20 and interviews: Ghislain De Bloi and David Murray.

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redpill RedPill 0.7.11 Comments »

RedPill as a program to create games for classic Amiga. We just received version 0.7.11. You will find number of bug fixes as well as some improvements - the full list is available in file ReadMe on Aminet. You could find there also online docs with some examples.

internet TAWS 0.33 Comments »

TAWS is the simulator of AmigaOS Workbench to written using JavaScript. In a version 0.33 you could change a background and transparency in MagicMenu. Some improvements have been made in AmiKit layout. There are also new icons and also number of bug fixes. Start screens were optimized to use them also on mobile devices..

Ignition 1.01
Ignition 1.01

21-th of March - this day Ignition has been released in version 1.0 on OS4Depot. Ignition is a spreadsheet prepared for AmigaOS 4 and right now we have an stable version. Achim Pankalla (author) did it after one year of development and number of beta versions and long bug fixing process. In version 1.0 you cold find such features:

  • New Math., DB und String-functions
  • Correct and new ARexx-Commands
  • Corrections in the preference dialog
  • reworks of all dialog-window, to better fit translations
  • Many big and little problems are solved
  • Optimized manual in German and English
  • Enhanced and corrected csv-modul
  • New "look & feel" with new positions of the tool/icon-bar's and new graphics

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amigaforever Amiga Explorer 8 Comments »

Amiga Explorer is a program made by Cloanto, which is designed for exchange a files between classic Amiga and PC/Windows. The 8-th version has been released and it contains number of small improvements. This list is available on producer's site. The full version of program (which is also part of Amiga Forever package) costs about 10 euro.

20 lat magazynu eXec
20 lat magazynu eXec

A long, long time ago... Internet became available for common people and these days the first Polish Amiga news portal - Exec.pl has appeared.

27-th of March 2000 - this day amiga.pl service has launched and it had to be an electronic part of new "eXec" paper magazine. We released just few issues of magazine, but the website works. Yes, 20 years!

In the meantime: we wrote more than 8000 news and over 200 articles, the layout has been changed as well as eXec's staff. Nowadays eXec is the oldest (and we had no breakdowns in this tie, except some technical issues) Amiga service in Poland. More than year ago we launched English version of our service and hope, that it will be growing. I hope, that it will remain, until our generation is still alive.

Many thanks for being here!

Szymon Żyła (aka "SZAMAN")

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ProTracker v2.3F

Olav "8bitbubsy" Sörensen is working on version 2.3 of ProTracker. 15-th of March we received compilation F, which alows program to work properly on upgraded Amiga computers. The new things - Realtime VU and handling of 128kb samples. Suggested minimal configuration: processor 020 and 1 MB Fast RAM.

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SSHTerm 1.7

Fredrik 'salass00' Wikstrom is still developing his colorful SSH terminal. Since last news about this program SSHTerm has reached a 6 small versions. Nowadays this application contains the newest AmiSSL and handle keyboard shortcuts (like ctrl+home and ctrl+end).

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Old "Scenery" program for 060/3.1.4?

On Amitopia website you could read the article about "Scenery" program (Freda Fish's series): Scenery is just a small app for Amiga that is unknown but it shows what power Amiga had back in 1988. It could render beautifully generated landscapes! But for most of the people, VistaPro landscape generator was huge. Lightwave 3D, Cinema 4D, Real3D or Imagine3D are also applications that were released for Amiga that would never be achievable if Amiga were that underpowered as the PC scene claimed.

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program_graficzny SketchBlock - nowe funkcje w wersji 3.4 Comments »

Andy Broad has presented (as a video show, which you could see below) a new features, which will be released within version 3.4 of his graphic program SketchBlock: for example: handling of the paths, layers with tabs and better integration PathEdit.py script with the main GUI.

Odyssey 1.23 r5 beta03 and beta04

We get a new beta versions of Odyssey browser - beta 3 and beta 4. They contain better support of WebP format, improvements of PNG files decoding and also big changes of audio and video handling - a new version of FFmpeg as a an external library. We received also a new user-agent - Nintendo Wii.

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20-th year of eXec.pl: a new list of Amiga galleries

Yes, yes, yes! We reached 20 years and to celebrate our birthday we present you a new feature - a new list f our galleries with 5 big pictures.

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audio amigaremix.com - new mp3 files Comments »

On AmigaRemix website we could find a new mp3 files with remixes of music from Amiga games. please take a look at the list and listen to music from Project X:

prace_trwaja Verge World in progress Comments »

"Verge World" (Facebook) will be a 3D action game and using voxel technology. The project has been just started - you could see video material attached do this news - it will show you atmosphere and quality of the game.

wideo "Amiga 2020" announced Comments »

The Amiga 2020 project - a film by Steven Fletcher - has been funded on Kickstarter. It will be focused on current situation of Amiga based on showing a different situations as well as interviews with number of people from Amiga community.

Party Revision 2020 is canceled

Just imagine... you work as a developer in huge software house, but once a year you launch old computer, which has started everything. Suddenly you have just 1 MB RAM and 7 MHz processor. These limits could give you a full and real satisfaction. This is the way how demo productions are made for Revision party.

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vampire Apollo Core GOLD 2.12 Comments »

Long time of testing and bug fixing (we wrote about RC version here) and finally we have a final version! 17-th of March 2020 we received a full version of FPGA Vampire firmware Apollo Core GOLD 2.12.

DevilutionX - Diablo engine for Amiga
DevilutionX - Diablo engine for Amiga

Diablo is a action RPG (hack and slash) computer game made by Blizzard North in 1996.

Set in the fictional Kingdom of Khanduras in the mortal realm, Diablo makes the player take control of a lone hero battling to rid the world of Diablo, the Lord of Terror. Beneath the fictional town of Tristram, the player journeys through sixteen randomly generated dungeon levels, ultimately entering Hell itself in order to face Diablo.

Diablo game has not been published for Amiga in the 90-th, but we could play later (on first NG computers) using MacOnLinux emulator. Nowadays we are able to launch this game direct on AmigaOS (68k also) thanks to Artur Jarosik i Marlon Beijer - they prepare a port of the engine called DevilutionX.

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winuae FS-UAE 3.0.3 (Linux) Comments »

There is a new version 3.0.3 of Amiga emulator FS-UAE prepared for Linux system. Bug of crashisng during starting the Launcher in a KDE environment. has been fixed.

amiga1200 8 MB RAM for A1200 Comments »

In AmigaKit shop you could purchase new memory extension for Amiga 1200: 8 MB Fast RAM, coprocessor slot, clock and second clockport. Price: 67 euro + shipping. Version with coprocessor, oscillator and clock: 98 euro + shipping.

GPIB Interface Board

IEEE-488 (source: Wikipedia) is a name of s a short-range digital communications designed for for automated and industrial instrument control and measurement. IEEE-488 is known also as GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus). In our gallery you could find Zorro II card with such interface (GPIB), made for Amiga by ASDG (USA) in 1990.

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odyssey Odyssey 1.23 r5 beta02 Comments »

There is so much pressure for a new version of OWB, so we are informing you about every new beta release. The newest one - beta02 - brings us handling of WebP format and compilation using the newest versions of libraries: libFreeType2 2.10.1, libXML2 2.9.10 and libXSLT 1.1.34.

scena Decrunch 2020 in June Comments »

The first invitation for Decrunch 2020 party, which will take a place 5-7 June 2020 in Wrocław (Poland), has been released. This production is available for Amiga 500 (graphics: Jok, code: Blackwine), but we could see it also as a video linked to this news.

gry Tiny little Slug Comments »

Tiny little Slug is a new game for the classic Amiga which has been released by APC&TCP. As a slug we have to climb on the walls to find strawberries. More info you could find in attached video.

Wicher 508i
Wicher 508i

Wicher 508i turbo card has been designed for installation inside Amiga A500/A500+ computer. It supports 68000 CPUs (using PLCC68 package), up to 11 MB of Fast RAM and IDE 2,5" hard drives. CPU clock speed can be set up to 50 MHz.

Wicher 508i came into being as a universal solution for users looking for highly-clocked MC68000 classic Amiga CPUs. (Stable configurations running at 50 MHz have been confirmed when paired with MC68HC000 series chip. Unfortunately, not every unit is capable of performing at this clock speeds over longer periods of time.)

It also provides a necessary interfaces for connecting 2,5" IDE hard drive and I2C bus.

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amiga_future Amiga Future 143 Comments »

The new issue of Amiga Future magazine (March-April 2020) has been released. Here yu check what is inside and purchase it. Prices: 7 or 9,90 euro (CD version) + shipping.

Amiga 35 USA

The Amiga 35 USA party is planned for 6 and 7-th of June 2020. The exhibition will take a place in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara) and it is a great opportunity to see all generations of Amiga: both Commodore time as well as the next generation. Guests: Dale Luck, RJ Mical, Trevor Dickinson and others. Tickets (limited) cost 80 dollars.

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Fastlane Z3

Fastlane is a card made in 1993 by German company Phase 5 Digital Products. It is an Fast SCSI controller for Zorro III slots (including additional places for SIMM memory - 64 or 256 MB, 60-100 ns). Please take a look at our gallery:

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Odyssey 1.23 r5 beta01 with the newest SSL

On forum amigans kas1e has published info about the new compilation of Odyssey 1.23 browser for AmigaOS 4. This version has been compiled using GCC 8.3.0 (instead 4.4.3), contains some bug fixes and includes curl-ca-bundle.crt. What's more - we will find there also the newest libraries: codesets.library, Curl 7.68.0, OpenSSL 1.1.1c and RTMP 2.4.

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Test MorphOS 3.12 on X5000

In the beginning of February version 3.13 of MorphOS system has been published. This system is able to run also on the most powerful Amiga - AmigaOne X5000. Epsilon, on his blog described his tests of MorphOS (using Radeon X1950 and version 3.12) and published an article with number of photos.

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amigacd32 Amiga CD32 with Vampire 1200 Comments »

Edu Arana has published on Twitter film with presentation launching of Vampire 1200 card using Amiga CD32. Below you could see this video.

ScummVM 2.1.1

On OS4Depot there is a new version (2.1.1) of ScummVM engine, which is used for launching of adventure games. We didn't receive any new games, but number of fixes for games like: Legend of Kyrandia 1-3, Phantasmagoria, Swords of Xeen and World of Xeen.

See the video »

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AmiCygnix 1.5

Edgar Schwan has prepared a new version of Unix environment for AmigaOS 4. In AmiCygnix 1.5 number of errors have been fixed (for example handling of special keys). We received also a new windows manager and new graphic drivers (also without Picasso96) and docs in PDF format.

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fpga Alternative for Vampire cards Comments »

Mike Stirling is working on a new turbo card for A500, which is based on FPGA chipset and using open source processor 68k - TG68. As an opposite to popular Vampire such project is focused on maximum compatibility. Maybe we will have also models for other Amiga computers?

gcc AutoDocViewer 1.3 Comments »

One of programs for review of dev docs from SDK AmigaOS 4 - AutoDocViewer has been updated to version 1.3. It contains a fix to work properly on Final Edition Update 1 system.

prace_trwaja Super Metal Hero? Q4/2020! Comments »

Super Metal Hero is an arcade game in progress. Amiga 1200 and minimum 030 and 4 MB Fast are requred. The project and the graphics are prepared by TenShu, Michael Giba is responsible for programming and the music. Premiere is announced for Q4 2020 and will be available as a box and a digital version.

AmiKit XE 11.2 with Diablo
AmiKit XE 11.2 with Diablo

Update number 11.2 of AmiKit package contains a new set of the games and emulators. There is an engine of Diablo (DevilutionX) as well as OpenDUNE port and DOS emulator "DOSBox" with a few already installed shareware games (like Prince of Persia 1 and 2). The full lost of changes is available here.

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fps Doom's clone for A500? Comments »

KK/Altair works on a clone of Doom game for Amiga 500 (1 MB RAM). In this game we could use a real WAD files. Below you see a video from this game. The biggest problem to be resolved is a collision detection.

Update of Trevor's blog

Trevor Dickinson (A-Eon) has updated his blog - mentioned about Amiga Ireland 2020, announced, that A1222 boards could be postponed due to coronavirus (Q3/2020), showed old Commodore PC laptops and invited for FLASHBACK 20/20 (event within w Amiga 35 in Amsterdam).

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The Legacy - a game in progress

In the current year we should expect a new RPG game called "The Legacy" (there is already version for Windows and PDA) - in version for AGA and ECS (processor 020 is required as well as additional RAM). You could download a demo version and make some tests.

See the video »

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AD516 is a sound card made by SunRize Industries (year: 1992) for Zorro II. This 16-bits hardware has been projected for SMPTE and postproduction works. The main software for this card was Studio 16.

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EGL Wrap Library 0.7.16 (beta), SoulFu and update of the other games

HunoPPC has updated his EGL wrapper for Warp 3D Nova/OpenGL-ES and in the meantime made port of RPG game called SoulFu and updated (performance is now better) also ports of the other games : Pacman Arena, Pingus, Reborn to Castle Wolfenstein, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and ZAZ.

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gry AMiner 20.2.20 Comments »

AMiner is an arcade game for one or two players, well known from RetroKomp. This game is still updated - the newest version has been released and available here as ADF file or ZIP package.

Darren Greenwald is dead

In Reddit service you could read short bio of Darren Greenwald, who was working on Amig±andi AmigaOS in Commodore, and lately in Scala company. Darren has died at the end of January 2020 in age 59.

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AmiSSL 4.4

AmiSSL has been updated and right now it is compatible with the newest OpenSSL 1.1.1d. Beside this, also main certificates have been upgraded as well as number of fixes and improvements. There are two versions of this library: for AmigaOS 4.x and 3.x (68020+).

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Amibian 1.5 Extended Edition

Amibian has been released in version Extended 1.5. This version contains the same like a "standard" Amibian plus an graphic Linux environment based on Raspbian (including all of emulators). At this moment only version for Raspberry Pi 4 is available.

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narzedzia UnRAR 5.80 Comments »

In Aminet you could find a new version of UnRAR - a tool for unpacking archives. This is port of version 5.8.5, is available in Polish version and allows to handle files bigger than 4 GB (compilation for AmigaOS 4).

gcc Compilations for AmigaOS 4 using MacOS X Comments »

A cross-compiler GCC 8.3.0 AmigaOS 4 for MacOS X is available. Mac's users could compile programs in C directly on their computers.

Notebook PowerPC - PCB deal is signed

1.2.2020 - on the web page dedicated to project of new PowerPC netbook the new entry has been published. We could read there : we signed a contract with ACube Systems (company we rely on for the design) just for subtask 1A. At the time of signing the contract, we paid 6000 euro, the amount required by the designer to start working..

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